The new spin-off in the “Far Cry” series is making a serious shift in the well trodden formula and it’s newest trailer gives some hints as to what expect.

Ubisoft Montreal are taking players to the Stone Age in the latest iteration in their popular open world franchise. The story focuses on Takkar, a leader of a dying tribe fighting for survival in an expansive environment filled with prehistoric animals to tame and dangerous tribes to battle. Players will be able to command animals to help their cause and get a good look at an often overlooked backdrop in gaming.

What is most interesting about the setting, however, is the amount of research Ubisoft put into creating a believable world. A “making of” video was posted alongside the trailer showing that the Canadian developers hired University of Kentucky linguists to create variations of Proto-Indo European to be spoken throughout the game.

It is that level of effort that can really make a game stand out. We are waiting eagerly for the release of “Far Cry Primal” on Feb. 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and March 1 on Windows PC.

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