maybe_In The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man, many of the takeaways are applicable for women as well (**shocker** women of the world, cobblers can also save your shoes, and you too should always carry some cash). But here are a few thoughts of our own, gender neutral/skewed female.  Thoughts?  Additions?

Your body is a temple. Stop using late hours in the office lead you to bad eating habits.  Frozen meals are often filled with preservatives and sodium and takeout is just plain irresponsible.

Learn the basics of golf.  You never want to get excluded from a professional outing, networking event, or opportunity to get some quality face time with the boss because you can’t tell the difference between a driver and a pitching wedge.

Women metabolize alcohol different than men.  It’s science.  If you play 1 for 1 with the guys, you will lose.  Even if you “win,” you’re losing.  Know what I mean?

Don’t settle with your career.  Take on more than in your job description, negotiate a higher salary and for hot Christ’s sake, don’t stay at a job you don’t see yourself succeeding in for years on end.

It is ok to be single.  And with cat(s). Consequently, it is OKto be happy in a relationship and not feel guilty about it to the chagrin of your single friends.

Ignore the size label and dress for your body type.  Fitting into a size 6 instead of the size 8 might make you feel emotionally better, but it may not show on the outside as nicely.

It is acceptable to go to any of the following places, alone: the bathroom, dinner, the movies, a wedding.

Kelly Cutrone said it best – if you have to cry, go outside.

Not every man is trying to hit on you. Or rob you.  With that being said, no need to walk down a dark alley with your music blasting.  Be aware of your surroundings.

Leggings are not workplace appropriate.  Unless you work at a legging store.  Or are house-bound.

Wearing a full face of makeup everyday is false advertising to morning after guests and disrespectful to your sheets and largest organ, your skin.

Fight fair – with girl friends, boyfriends and yourself.  You can’t unsay what has been said.

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Ashley Girard is a marketing professional in Boston. She is a sassy, type-a millennial, completely filter-less, urban clothing renewal and vintage aficionado and a self-proclaimed slut for pop culture. And cats. She loves cats.

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