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1. They take shit way too personal. The reason behind this annoying

habit is because Pisces feel everything on another level. Since they are

so in tune with all their emotions (they’re often joked about as being too

emotional) they tend to have difficulty differentiating when

things should and shouldn’t offend them. My best advice- if the person

saying it does not know you personally, then do not take it personally.



2. They hold grudges like no others. Pisces are funny; they are fast to

forgive but even faster to remember past events and throw it in your

face during an argument or when justifying a scenario. Friends can’t help

but love Pisces because usually the good traits outweigh the bad traits.



3. Pisces are roller coasters. This is where I’m talking emotional. Whether

it be good or bad emotions, they freaking diarrhea out from their heart

like a lemonade pitcher on a hot Florida day. Also, they tend to expect

others to share their exact emotion. For example, if a Pisces just got a

new job and it’s a big freaking deal, they tell the people they love

most and expect that person to be just as excited for their good news.

If the person on the other end is excited and fails to show the

excitement, the Pisces WILL question the behavior in their mind for

hours later. “Why wasn’t she so happy?” The Pisces overlooks the

reality that this person was at work, still took their call, and couldn’t

jump and scream. Calm down, Pisces. Calm down.



4. Ever heard of black or white? Well, Pisces fail to see gray. There is

little gray. Not 50 shades, not 1 shade. It’s black or white. Pisces love

to commit to things and people; once this is done, they are all in, or

never in. There is no “sort of” in their worlds. This can be great or this

can be awful. This also leads me to how Pisces are amazing

lovers when you’re on their good side, but horrible devils when you’ve

somehow gotten on their bad side. In Pisces defense, to get onto their

bad side takes some work. They aren’t quick to toss people out. The

wrongdoer must do some horrible shit to hurt or betray the Pisces,

but once that act is done, be aware, the Pisces are like snakes in the

water. They wait to attack. Where others would seek revenge and

thrive, the Pisces waits and waits, building a horrible plan of hurting

this person who hurt them first. It could be months away, maybe on

the wrongdoer’s birthday, but they will get what’s coming. Not all

Pisces are this extreme. Some just need to envision revenge and they

are satisfied.



5. Finally, Pisces are some clingy mother-effers. They want to be around

the ones they love all the time. It can become overwhelming. It is

innocent. They just love to love and want to show everyone who

means something to them how much they mean to them….every

single day. It becomes a bit hard to handle if you are someone rather

detached and not used to this kind of love. Accept their love and

showering of emotions, but just don’t forget to say thank you or make

the Pisces feel appreciated. If the Pisces feels unappreciated enough

times….well, refer to number 4. Hehehe.


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