Esteemed experimental guitarist Adrian Belew recently released two new apps that bring an innovative approach to both consuming and manipulating music.

The first, FLUX by belew™,  is a music app that Belew said in a Kickstarter video, “blends music and art in a unique experience that never plays the same [way] twice.” According to a recent press release, the app plays Belew’s new music in short clips that are constantly rearranged to play in a new order and with different instrumentation. The music is paired with abstract visuals that change to accompany the audio. Technology and design company MOBGEN created the app in Amsterdam, while Belew composed all of the music. FLUX by belew™ is available for iPhones and iPads in the iTunes store for $9.99.

The second app, called FLUX:FX is an audio-processing app designed for the iPad. Users can use 30 studio-style effects to manipulate their sounds in any way of their choosing.  Along with its myriad effects options, the app offers both a Performance view and a more involved Edit view as interfaces in which users can experiment, tinker, and tweak. FLUX:FX is designed to be compatible with live setups and studios. The app costs $19.99 in the iTunes store.

You can watch the Kickstarter video here:

And view the websites for both apps here:

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