cyberclean_productimageTime and time again, surveys are conducted, and time and time again, the same results come up: when you ask someone what the most germ filled place is they come into contact with is, they always say it’s the toilet seat or the bathroom. Turns out, that’s usually one of the cleanest. The actually worst place is the keyboard you’re touching right now. Luckily, you can clean your keyboard with Cyber Clean, an antibacterial play-doh-like gel-like membrane. Actually, it’s really hard to describe, but the pictures do it much more justice.

It makes sense how keyboards are so disgusting if you think about it. Our hands touch everything we come into contact with, and we handle our keyboards more on a daily basis than anything else. People often eat at their desks, and those crumbs are like little bacteria factories. All those crevices that are impossible to clean lead to uncontrolled bacterial growth, and often times, the spread of disease.

cyberclean_keyboard cyberclean_compvent cyberclean_airvent

With back to school and the flu season approaching, not to mention the constant reminders how swine flu is going to kill us all, it’s important to arm yourself with the tools that can help you stay well. Cyber Clean is an anti-bacterial, gel-like membrane that molds and conforms itself to the shapes you press it into. In doing so it can clean and disinfect hard to reach places, like those spaces between your keys, behind air vents where dirt and dust particles can harbor germs, and all those ridges on your cell phones and electronics.

Cyber Clean is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and supposedly reusable up to 75 times, plus you can get the kids in on the fun too. Cyber Clean is available at most stores and drug stores, and retails for less than $10. We hope to get our hands on some soon and put it to the test in our lab and let you know how it holds up.

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