Have you ever stumbled across a fantastic television show, only to realize that no one else seems to watch it? Sadly, I run into this problem more often than not. So here is a list of some shows you should be watching. Seriously, go watch them.


Wildfire -- One of the best television shows you never heard ofThis ABC Family show had a relatively successful run, though you certainly wouldn’t know it. The show premiered in 2004 and had a total of four complete seasons. One thing this show does exceptionally well is reaching out to several audiences. The show is focused on Kris Furillo, a teen who’s released from juvenile detention under the condition that she works at a horse ranch. Most of it revolves around the relationships she develops, and how competing ranches interact. The blend of comedy, romance, and drama is not only compelling but very entertaining. The chemistry woven throughout the entire cast works, and they draw you into the story with such ease. It travels down so many unexpected paths, yet it always feels right.

The Riches

The Riches -- One of the best television shows you never heard ofNow I must warn you ahead of time, The Riches doesn’t exactly have an ending. The show was halted due to the writer’s strike back in 2007, and cancelled without ever reaching a conclusion. I’ve heard rumors that a movie may be in the works to wrap everything up, but I’m keeping my expectations low. Anyways, The Riches is a show about a family of travelers and thieves who try to settle down as a normal suburban family. It may seem a little farfetched, but it’s well worth a watch. Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard are a winning combination that pulls you in practically from the beginning. Every episode is a thrill ride, and the anticipation does nothing but build throughout the seasons. The family is far from the stereotypical dynamic, but that makes it more entertaining. And their bond is perhaps even stronger than most. It’s fun, adventurous, and an interesting take on family life that will have you hooked before you even finish the first episode.

The Killing

The Killing -- One of the best television shows you never heard ofThis show is seriously underrated, and has somehow managed to get cancelled twice. Now don’t let that keep you from watching. This gritty crime drama put a unique spin on the traditional. Rather than solve one case per episode, a case spans over the course of a couple seasons. Seasons one and two focus on a case involving teenager Rosie Larsen; a bright girl with big dreams whose life was tragically cut short. Suspense drives the show, and it keeps you guessing until the very end. As soon as you feel that you’ve figured it out, they prove you wrong. The cast is outstanding, full of lesser known powerhouses. The series is very dark, but there is more than enough comic relief provided by Stephen Holder. He is one of the detectives working on the case, though he isn’t the primary character. Sarah Linden is a strong-willed, intelligent female officer who struggles with her own difficulties throughout the show. The third season opens with a new case, which sadly is left unresolved. But explores different dimensions of the characters you grow to love. The only downside to watching this show is that you will fall in love with it, and be bitterly disappointed when you realize that there is no real conclusion to the second case they explore

United States of Tara

UNITED STATES OF TARA (Season 2)Let me start off by saying that I consider this show to be very unique. It’s focused around a woman with multiple personality disorder and those close to her. But it does an excellent job of not honing in on her disorder. We do get a very in depth look at each of her personalities, and how it affects her family. But we also get to see who these people are outside of all that. The family is quirky in every sense of the word, but it’s charming. You may not necessarily think so, but each of the characters are relatable in their own way. Whether it is the teenage boy exploring his sexuality and finding true love, or the quick witted young woman who is starving for independence. They strike a balance between humor and the heavy-hearted drama that comes with a family member suffering from a disorder they can’t control. The relationships that they explore in this show are adorable, and will undoubtedly leave you envious. If you are going to choose only one of these to watch, it has got to be this one. You won’t be disappointed.

October Road

article october roadDoes anyone even know this show existed? Seriously, anyone at all? It’s about a man from a small town in Massachusetts, who writes a bestselling book about the people he grew up with, and returns home to face the reality of these people he left behind. One of them being his high school sweetheart, played by none other than Laura Prepon of That 70’s Show fame. It examines how friendships and relationships shift between high school and adulthood. But it also captures how much may actually remain exactly the same. Sadly it seems to follow the pattern of shows cancelled before their time. It only lasted for two seasons, but the producers put together a ten minute ‘episode’ to leave no questions unanswered. The show is packed with emotion, filled to the brim with drama. You can’t help but become devoured by every aspect of the show. The cast is not only beautiful, but incredibly talented. The characters are multi-faceted, relatable, and far too easy to get attached to. It’s an endearing dramatic comedy that manages to be poignant yet lighthearted simultaneously.

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