HIMYM CastIt’s hard to believe it, but hit comedy “How I Met Your Mother” is about to enter its ninth and final season. This show has proven a mainstay of modern television, remaining popular even as the sitcom becomes a thing of the past. Although “How I Met Your Mother” benefits from a group of wonderful regular cast members, the show’s blossoming would not have been possible without the help of several excellent guest stars. Everyone from Bob Barker and Enrique Iglesias, to Katy Perry and Wayne Brady has made a few appearances on the show. Several additional guests are sure to arrive in time for the final season, which can be viewed with the help of services from www.bundle.tv and similar providers. Until then, super-fans can enjoy watching their favorite reruns, along with their favorite past guests.

Britney Spears

Perhaps one of the more controversial guest stars on “How I Met Your Mother,” Britney Spears ultimately wound up surprising with her acting ability. She played Abby, a receptionist after Ted’s heart, who found herself taken advantage of by Barney. Her appearance was perfectly timed in that, soon after, the song “Womanizer” hit the top of the charts. Also significant is that this television appearance came at a time when the singer was undergoing some very public personal struggles. Spears’ presence on “How I Met Your Mother” marked the beginning of what proved to be a very successful comeback.

Joe Manganiello

During season five of “How I Met Your Mother,” Joe Manganiello’s character was introduced during a hockey-themed date with Robin. He then returned again during season eight, this time landing an interview with Marshall’s boss and stealing information to use in a Gruber Pharmaceuticals case. Manganiello does an impressive job of being the bad guy, but still remaining oddly likable despite his transgressions. Manganiello’s re-emergence in season eight was just the beginning of an upcoming trend that would have former guest stars returning long after they left the series.

John Lithgow

Termed by some as guest star and by others as a reoccurring character, John Lithgow is on “How I Met Your Mother” frequently enough to be a familiar face, but not so frequently that he can be considered a series regular. Still, he is an absolute essential part of the series, given his role as Barney’s biological father. Hilarious as ever, there’s clearly a reason “Entertainment Weekly” has given Lithgow the distinguished title of “Legendaddy.”

The upcoming guest stars for season nine of “How I Met Your Mother” truly have some big shoes to fill. Who is your favorite guest star from seasons past? Share in the comments.

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