Most artists and BMW freaks know of the BMW Art Cars.  These paintings with engines were brought to us by French racecar driver Herve Poulain.  His goal: to have an artist use a car as a canvas.


The very first Art Car was a 3.0 CSL and was painted by Alexander Calder

Many famous artists have shown us their skills by the use of a paintbrush and BMW.  Some of the artists include David Hockney, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstien, and Andy Warhol.  The most expensive and valuable Art Car is the one done by Warhol; a 1979 M1.  This car is actually going to be on display in Boston at the Park Plaza Castle as part of ARTcetera, which is a local artist get together that raises money for HIV/AIDS research.


After doing up a scale model of the M1, Warhol took in hand his paintbrush and transformed a race car into an Art Car.  It took him 23 minutes.  

Massachusetts BMW dealers will be sponsors for this event.  You can see the M1 on display and tickets start at $350.

BMW M1 Quick Facts

Only 456 made from 1978-1981

3.5 straight 6 that made 277 horsepower

0-62 in 5.6 seconds

Top speed of 162 MPH

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