People weren’t exactly glued to their televisions on Friday, but “Dollhouse” is off to rough start. And that’s an understatement.

FOX’s second episode of the Joss Whedon show finished fourth on Friday night, just above The CW.

The CBS premiere of “Ghost Whisperer” carried the 8 p.m. hour Friday.

But it was the 9 o’clock hour that was really interesting. NBC won the hour with, of all things, “Dateline.” CBS was second for “Medium,” ABC’s “The Forgotten” was third. “Dollhouse came in fourth, raking in just 2.1 million viewers and its lowest ever 0.8 rating for the second new episode of the season. Last week’s premiere drew about 2.75 million viewers.

Stargate Universe” did premiere Friday night, and we’re sure that hurt “Dollhouse,” but the numbers aren’t out yet form SyFy.

If this keeps up, “Dollhouse” could go the way of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly.”

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6 Responses

  1. Les Ferris

    Stargate Universe got 2.35 million live viewers. I was expecting a good few more so I don’t think it was SGU that had too major of an effect on Dollhouse.

  2. Tim

    This is where the ratings fail, because a lot of people DVR this show since it’s on a Friday night. Of course a bunch of people watched Dateline live; those people are old and less inclined to be doing something else on a Friday night.

  3. debbie goldsholle

    They should have never taken Moonlight off. Everything in its place is doing poorly. Besides with the public interest in vampire shows exploding they made a big mistake. By the way Alex o Laughlins new show,,,its only so so….

  4. elle

    i think dollhouse is a great show but it would seem like fox dont want it to do well. who puts shows which take time to grow on a friday night, fridays should be kept for re-runs and reality shows because no one is in.


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