CNN Money recently published lists of the 25 highest-paid women and the 25 highest-paid men in the world. While the lists reveal many interesting things about the highest-paid humans on the planet, perhaps nothing is more telling the following image:


In case you need the obvious spelled out for you: the highest paid man in the world makes more than 7 times as much as the highest paid woman. In fact, the top 9 of the world’s 25 highest-paid men make more than the world’s highest-paid woman. The lowest man on the list earns 3.5 times more money than the lowest woman on the list. If the lists were combined to form “The 25 highest-paid people,” 23 of the women (and the last 2 of the men) would be completely omitted from the list.

So that’s interesting.

But no, I doubt wage inequality is a serious problem linked to years of systematic misogyny and oppression.

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