8bit Proof LogoHey guys, we’re back! Did you you miss us?  Eh, don’t answer that.  Let’s just move on.

Speaking of moving on, you may have noticed that we’re also now on TheKillRay.com?  We’re now officially podcasting for The KillRay as well, so you know what that means!  It’s time to once again push our limits and see what our new overlords will let us get away with!  This episode includes:

  • A game bringing us up to date with all the happenings within geek culture since our last episode.
  • Joe’s new found love affair with the 3DS and vodka filled mason jars.
  • An inevitably heated discussion about some recent big-budget titles including Dead Island: Riptide and Bioshock Infinite. (SPOILER WARNING)
  • Our predictions for tomorrow’s Microsoft announcement.

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(WARNING:  Explicit language, NSFW)


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