There is something unique about the Canadian band Glo. Originating from Montreal and starting off their career in 2001, they were fast on track to a successful career with their self-titled album “Glo.”  Several songs from that album were featured on TV and film soundtracks, which made it possible for them to play in the Toronto film festival NXNE.  Their second album, “Off to the Races,” won Best Provincial Rock EP in 2007 and the single of the same name won Best Provincial Rock Song for the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards.

Their new album “On the Outside” opens with “Follow Through,” a catchy, fast-paced song with an anthem-like chorus. Eddie Mazzola provides a guitar heavy tempo for “Off to the Races” backed by Riccardo Cordi’s voice—which sounds deliciously reminiscent of Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Tom Chaplin of Keane—and balanced by Patrick Rowan on drums. “Move Along,” a bit more mellow, showcases Cordi’s soothing voice.

The most notable track, however, is “Muse,” which blends the scintillating rhythms of harder edged rock with deep orchestral arrangements—an amazing collaboration of talent from the three Canadian rockers. Based on their previous albums, Glo is bound to thrive from their new release “On the Outside.”

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