Every time I get a new electronic device, one of the first things I do is apply a screen protector on it to keep scratches off its shiny surface. Of course, anyone who has had to do this knows how troublesome the whole process can actually be. Not only do you need to make sure there’s no dust on the device, but you then need to worry about those pesky air bubbles that somehow always manage to appear after you apply the protective film. It’s a hassle putting them on, for many like me who want to keep their devices free from marks, doing so is a requirement.

For anyone who suffers from having too many shiny devices, I mean, who doesn’t these days, the folks at Dynaflo have made the task of protecting them a little less annoying. As its name implies, their unique Liquid-Armor promises the same level of protection as traditional screen guards but in the form of a liquid formula you simply spray to apply.

To test out how good the spray worked, I found my old iPhone 3GS and used it as a guinea pig. After spraying my device and evenly coating its surface with the cleaning cloth, I let it sit overnight before using it. The instructions say to wait at least 10 minutes before using, but to really test out the product, I gave it a full day. The screen did feel rougher, letting you know there was something on its surface, but as the solution is clear, the screen looked as if nothing was on it. Plus, the touchscreen still felt as responsive as before, so the added layer didn’t obstruct its sensitivity. I then grabbed a key and started scratching the screen, hoping it wouldn’t leave any marks behind. And it didn’t!

One coating of Liquid-Armor is supposed to last for six months before you need to reapply it again, but there’s really no way to tell when the coating is wearing down. You’ll just have to spray on a fresh coat whenever you feel the layer wear thin on your device. This issue aside, Liquid-Armor definitely seems like the better choice when it comes to protecting your devices. It’s quick to apply, does a great job protecting any glass surface, and is definitely worth its price knowing your screen is safe.

Dynaflo Liquid-Armor is available to purchase at Walmart, Target, and online for $24.99.

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