Take your look from day to night with Skinn Cosmetic’s Color Affair Soiree Collection by Dimitri James. The collection features 7 products that will keep you looking fresh and fab!

The kit includes:

  • An eye shadow palette
  • Two duo lip stick & gloss
  • A blush & bronze palette
  • Two line & shade sticks
  • A skin illuminizer

The eye shadow palette features 6 shades:  a powder/pale blue, a dark navy blue, a dark brown, a dark, but bright green, an orange, and a soft off-white. I sort of have a love/dislike relationship with this palette. The colors are rather unique, which is nice. I love the packaging it comes in, I love that the shadows feel really soft when I swatch them, and I love that they blend really really well. So what do I dislike? The color payoff. I had high hopes for these shadows; I thought the pigmentation would be great. Needless to say, when I apply them I have to really pack on the color and even then I’m not completely satisfied.

The duo lip stick & gloss is such a unique design. I actually don’t think I’ve seen this design before. I love how one end is actually a full tube of lipstick as oppose to a “liquid lipstick” that dries to look and feel like lipstick. The packaging is awesome because it is totally see-through and there’s a tiny mirror so that you can ensure your pout looks amazing! Did I mention the incredible aroma?! Oh man these lip stick & gloss duos smell yummy enough to eat! The colors are called “Velvet Brownie” and “Raspberry Sugar” so I’m sure you can only imagine how delish they smell! The lipsticks go on really smooth and are creamy. They look great on their own, but why not jazz up your look a bit by adding some gloss?! That’s what I initially thought, but I seem to have a difficult time getting the gloss out of the tube. It also seems like there isn’t enough product or it’s too dry. Either way, I was a bit saddened by the gloss. The lipstick is waterproof and smudge-proof, while the gloss is super-long wearing.

The blush & bronze palette comes with two blushers (a rosy pink and an orangey tan) and a bronzer. Don’t be intimidated by the colors of the blush! You can easily control the intensity of the colors by only applying a little bit of the blush on your brush and then going back for more if you need it. You can also tap your brush to help any excess fall off. These colors are great because you can wear them alone, or pair them to create your own color! I don’t use bronzer because I don’t think it looks right on me. Heck, maybe I just don’t apply it right?! But I did swatch it a couple of times and it looks and feels really nice; same quality as the blush. The packaging on this is identical to the eye shadow palette except of course it only contains 3 items and doesn’t contain shadows.  Both packages contain a giant mirror on the underside of the cover which is extremely helpful if you like to use compact mirrors to apply your makeup. If you carry these palettes in your purse you can definitely ditch your compact mirror since these palettes are two in one!

The line & shade sticks are another genius creation! The packaging is amazing because you have a thick and a thin version of Skinn’s Luxe Waterproof eyeliners. They really do make the perfect liner duo! I am obsessed with these liners and cannot say enough good things about them! I used the black grey liner every day after receiving this product so I ran out really quick. I will definitely have to buy more! I love how the liner glides on effortlessly and it stays in place! The liner contains shea butter, peptides, wild yam root, and grape seed extract…all things that are good for you! I also adore the fact that both ends are self-sharpening because I hate having to sharpen eyeliners! The colors in the collection are “Black Grey” and “Blue Midnight”. The only problem with these liners is that I have a hard time getting the cap off of the thin side, the cap pops right off of the thick side. Either way it’s not a deal breaker for me.

The skin illuminizer is meant to create a natural radiance that does not look fake or accentuate any fine lines. Although it is intended to compliment all skin tones, the color was just too dark for me. The illuminizer contains jojoba and Vitamin E so it will help to smooth and condition your skin. The product felt really nice on my skin and not greasy at all which is a huge plus! I also love the packaging because it comes in a see-through bottle with a pump!

All in all this is a decent collection. Some things didn’t work for me while others truly impressed me. I would have loved to have seen some mascara in here instead of the illuminizer or even as the 8th item in the collection. I actually can’t believe there isn’t one, what girl doesn’t use mascara to complete her look?! With that being said, the Skinn Cosmetic’s Color Affair Soiree Collection retails for $68 and can be purchased online by going to The site also offers 2 value pays of $34 and the shipping and handling is only $5. You can’t beat the price for this many items from a high-quality brand. That’s less than $10 per product!

The bottom line: I think the collection is worth checking out, but I personally wouldn’t buy the entire collection myself. I would, however, purchase the eyeliner again! Have you purchased this collection? If so, please leave a comment with your thoughts. If you haven’t purchased the collection do you think you will?

*FTC Disclaimer* This product was given to me, free, for review. I am not affiliated with this company nor am I receiving any compensation for my review. Everything posted here is my honest opinion.

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