NATICK — Most of the pre-teen girls pressed up against the Hurricane Bells’ stage in the Natick Collection last Thursday night probably hadn’t heard of the band before they got their hands on the soundtrack to “New Moon,” released this October. But that didn’t quiet their ear-splitting screams as the Brooklyn-based band came on stage. The group played two songs off their album to a respectful but impatient crowd of Twi-hards who burst into hysterics the moment lead singer and guitarist Steve Schiltz played the recognizable intro to their “New Moon” track, “Monsters.”

According to Schiltz, however, when “Monsters” plays in “New Moon,” Twi-hards won’t be squealing for Hurricane Bells. Schiltz told Blast that the song he wrote will introduce everybody’s favorite vegetarian vampire, Edward Cullen.

“Bella gets a camera for her birthday,” Schiltz said excitedly, setting up the scene. “She takes it to school and…’Monsters’ is in that scene. It’s the first time you see Edward on camera. He pulls up in the school parking lot and…he walks out and he’s in slow motion. And then that’s when you hear the guitar riff.”

So if you think you can’t wait ’til Friday, do what I do: put “Monsters” on repeat, close your eyes and imagine Edward Cullen is coming to wish you a happy birthday.

Watch our full interview with Hurricane Bells below:

Tanya DeJesus and Melissa Unger contributed to this report.

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