Over the weekend, Jason Weisman of Harebrained Schemes closed his 30-day Kickstarter campaign for Shadow Run Returns, a sequel to its classic cyberpunk role-playing game, after raising over $1.8 million from more than 36,000 backers. The campaign easily surpassed its initial goal of $400,000 in a little more than a day.

The original Shadowrun debuted in 1989 as a pen-and-paper RPG and then went onto become a board game, a game on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, and a number of novels. In Shadowrun Returns, players will create their own Shadowrunner and go on missions designed by many Shadowrun authors and designers of the classic RPG.  This all takes place amid a futuristic sci-fi world that mixes cyberpunk themes with elements from films such as Blade Runner.

Harebrained Schemes’ plans to bring the sequel to tablet and PCs will now be set in motion. The developer will also release a level editor with the game so that players can edit and create their own missions and stages, further adding to the collaborative feel of the original Shadowrun.

In total, Harebrained Schemes raised $1,836,447 thanks to the power of Kickstarter.

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