dtp Entertainment, German publisher of the upcoming Awesomenauts downloadable game, has filed for insolvency. In an email sent to us this morning, developer Ronimo Games said it is “unsure of what this means for the game” but is working hard on resolving this issue.

Insolvency occurs when a company cannot meet its debt obligations on time. These issues can be fixed and restorative measure can be taken to prevent it from ultimately going bankrupt.

Awesomenauts has a release date of May 2 for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, but after today’s announcement, there is no news whether this will change or not. We’ve contacted the developer for more details.

The game can be best described as an outer space version of League of Legends with 2D shooter and RPG elements thrown in. Both teams must try to destroy their enemy’s bases before theirs gets destroyed as well. Featuring a colorful cast of unique characters and settings, Awesomenauts definitely got our attention. Read our preview for more on this indie title.

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