Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman has turned to Kickstarter to fund the next installment of the action-RPG that graced the Super Nintendo with its innovation and narrative back in 1993.

Weisman describes Shadowrun Returns as “2D turn-based single player game with deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat.” Expect the feeling of the classic game and not the Xbox 360 version that came out a few years ago.

Players will create their own Shadowrunner and go on missions designed by many Shadowrun authors and designers of the classic RPG. The game will also come with a level editor, so players will be able to create their own stories and missions too.

This all takes place amid a futuristic sci-fi world that mixes cyberpunk with elements from films such as Blade Runner.

Turning to Kickstarter, Weisman hopes to bring Shadowrun Returns to Apple and Android devices as well as PCs. As of now, the project has already gathered  over $200,000 – that’s more than half of their $400,000 goal.

Visit the game’s Kickstarter page for a more in-depth look at Shadowrun Returns and to help make this game a reality.

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