Apparently the Girl Scouts of America are single-handedly ruining this great nation and dragging our daughters down into a death-spiral of lewdness and sin from which there is no salvation.

Who knew?

The “concerned” pro-life activists behind My Girl Scout Council, that’s who. And how thankful we are that they have opened our eyes to the wickedness that resides deep within this supposedly wholesome organization! Never would I have surmised that while raising money for charities and striving to create communities of strong, responsible young women with bright ideas and true character, the Girl Scouts had a hidden agenda.

An evil agenda.

My Girl Scout Council describes its mission as “documenting pro-life concerns about the Girl Scouts.” Ostensibly, they are a fairly informal organization tasked with revealing the seedy underside and baby-killing goals of the GSUSA. To translate: the GSUSA has traditionally taught reproductive health to its members and has not taken a stance against abortion. So therefore, they are clearly in bed with the baby-killing mega-conglomerate that is Planned Parenthood.

Really, the link between GSUSA and reproductive health providers is tenuous at best. My Girl Scout Council has attempted to exaggerate this connection by providing a single document to prove how every GSUSA troop they have linked on the site (no seriously: click on any troop link and it leads to the same PDF with the title changed) is secretly teaching your daughters to eat unborn fetuses for breakfast.

According to, “Although the Girl Scout organization maintains that it takes ‘no position‘ on the issue of abortion, parents, churches, and pro-life activists have long complained of the pro-abortion slant of the Girl Scouts’ resources, role models, and affiliations.”

My Girl Scout Council founder Ann Saladin told, “I wish a resource like this had been available when I was first contemplating my own daughter’s Girl Scout membership. I had no idea that her membership, and the financial contributions solicited through her council, were supporting the international scouting organization, WAGGGS, which aggressively pushes for sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls around the world while representing its 10 million members.”

One more time, in slow motion: WAGGGS, which aggressively pushes for sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls around the world while representing its 10 million members.”

Oh the humanity! Young girls being educated about their reproductive health and rights! Babes in arms taught all that they need to know about how to remain safe and responsible when they reach the age of sexual maturity! What has the world come to?

Wait a minute. That all sounds pretty great. It seems like what My Girl Scout Council is really succeeding at is listing a few of the ways that the Girl Scouts of America are really awesome.

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