With yet another snowstorm on the way and icy winds making everyone in New England shudder, summer has never seemed farther away. Luckily for anyone craving some laid-back and sunny vibes, Boston’s own The D-Line is keeping things bright with their upbeat, self-titled EP, now available on Bandcamp. With musical influences including Simon & Garfunkel, old Tegan & Sara, and the Milk Carton Kids, The D-line has a fresh and cheery folk sound that’s sure to drive away anyone’s winter blues.

The D-Line's first EP, now available on Bandcamp

The D-Line’s first EP, now available on Bandcamp

David Rabinowicz (guitar, banjo, vocals), Clara Lorant (guitar, banjo, viola,vocals), Robin Shuster (guitar, mandolin, vocals), and David Murphy (drums) got their start at an open mic night at Smoken’ Joes and have played several shows in the Boston area. Each member wrote one of the songs off their new EP, making for a unique lyrical twist to go with their whimsical sound.

The D-Line hard at work recording their EP.

The D-Line hard at work recording their EP.

The band has a genuine love for the music they create, something that’s evident to their growing fan base. “People really seem to appreciate and care about the sound,” Rabinowicz says. “It’s invigorating.” The band was so beloved they were asked back to play TT the Bear and recommended to Murdock Manor.

Future aspirations for The D-Line would include playing at a folk festival, having Kanye feature on a track, opening for Milk Carton and the dream: being a part of the Coachella lineup. “I feel like I’m my best self when I play,” Lorant says with a smile. The band’s enthusiasm and talent make them a must-see for anyone craving a fresh musical perspective this spring.


The D-Line at T.T. the Bear's Place. Media credit to The D-Line

The D-Line at T.T. the Bear’s Place. Media credit to The D-Line

Look out for The D-Line’s upcoming shows on February 10th with Grandma Moses at the Great Scott Rock Club and on March 22nd at Northeastern’s Afterhours.

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