Giuliana Rancic, E! News anchor and host of Fashion Police, announced her fight with breast cancer in October, but after an unsuccessful double lumpectomy, she will be undergoing a double mastectomy next week.

Rancic and her husband, Bill Rancic, appeared on NBC’s Today to address the new treatment. She said “I would like to take the stigma away. ‘Mastectomy’, the word seemed so scary to me at first. After doing research and seeing the advancements, the surgery has come a long way from 20 years ago. The results can be incredible. Not only can it save your life, but you can come out feeling healthier and with a positive self-image”.

Rancic mentioned how her desire to have children factored into her decision-making process, saying “If I’d chosen to just do another lumpectomy and then do radiation, and then do anti-estrogen therapy, which means two to five years of medication, that basically puts me into early menopause. Then I would have to put off having a baby for several years.”

She also spoke of her husband’s endless support: “Bill said to me, ‘I just need you around for the next 50 years, kid. I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care about the physical portion of this, I just need you around for the next 50 years. So let’s get you healthy.’”

The encouragement Rancic has received from colleagues, friends, and strangers has been overwhelming. E! News co-host, Ryan Seacrest said “Her positivity throughout this ordeal is a true inspiration”.

On the twitter front, the support has been just as vast. Teresa Giudice wrote “@GiulianaRancic My prayers are with you sweetie. You’re an inspiration to women everywhere for sharing your story. Love you! xx” and Trista Sutter tweeted “@GiulianaRancic I haven’t experienced ur struggle, but immensely respect u sharing it w/those who need 2 know that they aren’t alone. Prayers.”

In response, Rancic tweeted “Thank you for ur love”.

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