You can’t help but love the Vers brand. A start-up, local company that makes natural wood speakers and accessories for Apple products. It’s like a tree-hugging vegan made a baby with a super-geek.

And that starts their iPhone 4/4s Slimcase off on the right foot.

“For each tree we use in production, 100 are re-planted through our partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forestry Service. Use a tree – plant a forest; we’re excited to be able to go beyond achieving sustainability to helping to restore the environment where it’s needed most,” said David Laituri, creative director and founder of Vers, which is based in Wayland.

The case is designed to be slim and fit in a pocket, and while it does add some girth to the phone, the case keeps the phone size manageable. The case also doesn’t add much depth to the screen, so it’s still easy to text and type. The lightly-colored bamboo shell also gives a great contrast to a black iPhone.

The Slimcase comes in two pieces that snap together and pull apart cleanly with some force. When assembled, you can tell that it’s two pieces of wood, but it doesn’t detract from the loook.

The felt-backing on the inside of the case allows you slide it on smoothly without damaging the back.

If there’s one drawback, it’s that the case does add some depth to the bottom of the phone, which doesn’t allow you to plug it into some common device docks. You have to pull the bottom piece off to fit it in.

The Slimcase is $39.99, so get your wood on.

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