Back then: About 6 years ago, my sister worked at Boston Beauty. She told me about some mineral cosmetic line that I just had to try. Mineral makeup wasn’t that popular and I wasn’t sure how I felt about loose eye shadows, but I decided to give it a try. I bought two eye shadows: yellow and a bright green. When I tried out the shadows I was in love! They weren’t messy or hard to apply and the color payoff was fantastic. The company behind the awesome eye shadows was EMANI Minerals.

Now: Due to the constant overuse of the term “minerals” in the cosmetic industry, EMANI (formerly Emani Minerals) has decided that they are dropping the word “minerals” from their brand name. This comes thirteen years after they led the mineral makeup movement.

Since there are no regulations for the definition of mineral makeup, countless companies use the words “mineral” and “mineralized” as an advertising ploy. Over 169 million women in North America wear “mineral” makeup, many of which aren’t aware of the real ingredients that they are applying to their face daily.

Here are some of the ingredients that EMANI uses in their products versus what other companies use (EMANI ingredients are listed in bold):

  • Grapefruit extract vs. Isopropyl and Triclosan
  • Green Tea vs. Petrolatum
  • Honeysuckle vs. Talc, Paraben or Nitrosodiethanolamine
  • 100% Organic Flower Oils vs. Mineral oil and butylated hydroxytoluene

Talc is often found in cosmetics (eye shadows, blush, face powders, etc.) because it is very inexpensive which often times makes it the number one ingredient in most cosmetic products. Why is talc bad for you? It has been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. If we know this, why is talc still being used in so many cosmetics?

Since the average woman uses over 12 products a day she is then exposed to over 200 chemicals! EMANI has chosen to use the FEWEST ingredients possible in each product they create. This makes EMANI the perfect choice for someone prone to allergies, has sensitive skin, and/or wants to slow down the aging process. EMANI’s eye shadow uses only 9 pure, natural ingredients while other leading brands use an average of 26 questionable ingredients in their eye shadows alone.

Michelle Doan, EMANI founder, lifetime entrepreneur, and mother, refuses to compromise her company’s integrity by using harsh chemicals and fillers in her products. Therefore, EMANI formulates their entire line of vegan and natural cosmetics to be high-performing all while reducing skin allergy risks. Not only has EMANI been successful in removing dangerous pollutants from their cosmetics, they are constantly improving business practices in order to help the environment by minimizing their carbon footprint and potential waste in landfills. To ensure this, EMANI uses both biodegradable and recyclable product packaging materials.

Being green, natural, and vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being sexy and glamorous. EMANI is known for having a line of show-stopping cosmetics that range from flawless-skin foundations to runway-ready eye, lip, and cheek colors. If you want to look and feel gorgeous while being socially and environmentally conscious, then EMANI is the right brand for you!

For more information about EMANI, please go to their website www.emani.com. You can purchase their products on their website, at Boston Beauty, and other fine international beauty retailers.

**Thank you to CLD PR for providing me with the information and the images.*

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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      Their crushed pigment eye shadows are $10.50 but I can’t seem to find how many ounces you get. I think it’s reasonably priced for the quality.


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