Real Drum is a fresh release from Rubel Co. released this week that puts a variety of drum sets and sounds at your fingertips.

Rubel, which also makes the Real Guitar iOS app now offers 11 unique drum sets with the newly released app. You can take your pick from: Abstract, Acoustic, Bongos, Break Beat, Conga, D’n’B, Electro, Hip Hop, Japan, Jazz, or Rock.

Tested on none other than the iPhone 4S, we could not get this app to miss a beat, pun intended. In Real Drum, you’ll find a relatively bare bones approach, consisting of two screens: the choose drum set screen, followed by the drum set screen to jam on.

While jamming, aside from the instruments, there are only two buttons, one to switch drum sets, and the other to open up the volume toggles – which allows the volume of each individual drum or cymbal to be adjusted, a nice touch for the talented finger drummer looking to perfect their beat.

Even while tapping the snare as rapidly as possible, throwing in some high hat and kick drum – this app will not lag behind the aggressive drummer. Playing multiple drums/cymbals simultaneously was clean and clear as well. You will not find any option to record, save, or upload any of your creative beats – but make no mistake, this app has the basics down. Real Drums looks and sounds great, so for $1.99, it just might be worth tapping into.

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