Get out the pink hair-dye, ladies (and gents)!

The much-missed Grammy-winning rock band No Doubt announced plans for a 2009 summer tour today.

Beginning in May, the group will play outdoor amphitheaters and arenas throughout the summer in both the US and Canada, according to a press release by the band.

Opening will be Paramore (meh),‚  The Sounds and Bedouin Soundclash.

The last time No Doubt toured was in 2004, co-headlining with Blink 182. (I was there and it rocked my tenth grade socks!)

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Gaby Dunn is a journalist, comedian, and a boatload of other stuff. The 2009 Emerson College graduate lives in New York.

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  1. Manuel

    Best news to come out in long time. I miss them. Guess they need the money. But I’m wishing it’s for more than that.


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