In a move that should surprise pretty much no one; Capcom confirmed today that they’ll release Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, the disc based update for their critically acclaimed and best selling fighter this November. The game will feature combat tweaks, eight new stages and twelve new fighters — four of which were revealed today.

On the Marvel side, Ghost Rider and Hawkeye of the Avengers will be joining the fray, while Firebrand and Strider will represent Capcom. Capcom’s whole idea was to reveal more of the new roster as we approach the release date, but pshhht…this is the internet, and nothings secret, as in almost record time, what looks like the entire new list has leaked on to the web in the form of character sketches found deep within Capcom’s press site. Looks like we’re getting Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Nemesis, and Frank West for Capcom, and Doctor Strange, Rocket Raccoon, Nova, and Iron Fist for Marvel.

The title will hit Xbox 360 and PS3 this November for the budget price of $39.99. Check out the first screens below.



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