I’m a “Supernatural” fan. But in the past few days, I’ve become hesitant, perhaps even a little scared, to say that.

The article that preceded this generated quite a lot of controversy. It garnered 20 times the page traffic that I expected, garnered four death threats, and at least a half-dozen deleted comments for excessively vulgar content.

But all that aside, “Supernatural” is one of my favorite shows currently airing. I’m constantly pestering people I know to pick it up—after all, they can borrow my copies of the DVD’s.

I’ve honestly never been to a “Supernatural” fanpage or forum. I’ve had to fight the urge after the last article, but at press time, that’s still true.

You might say I’m not a true fan for not visiting fansites (something I don’t visit for any of the shows I watch, from Lost and the Sopranos to Nurse Jackie and Friends). That’s fine. When I watch a television show, I show my devotion by watching the show, and making my judgments through that interaction.

Why? Infighting. I don’t think it’s productive. People aren’t going to change their opinions, which are generally strong. So the attacks get really personal and unnecessary. Take the website Techcrunch, which I read daily. There’s so much Android vs. iPhone fighting that it makes me not like either side very much, and I have to resist the urge to read the comments.

I watch a lot of television. A great, unhealthy amount of television. One commenter asked if I didn’t enjoy Padalecki because it hasn’t won awards. Nope, there are tons of shows that didn’t win awards they deserved that I loved (Gilmore Girls, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, Fringe, etc).

One commenter said  they “hope I read every comment to see how much of an asshole” I am. I did; I read each and every comment. I had to resist the urge to write a respones to all of them.

Instead, you get this. So here are the most pressing thoughts I’ve taken away from my foray into Supernatural Commentary, part 1, in no particular order—though some of them do flow more naturally than others.

This was not a personal attack. I probably used some incorrect words, and made some mistakes in how I phrased my argument (and opinion), but this wasn’t personal. It was a critical assessment of Padalecki’s performance. You don’t have to agree, and judging by the responses, several thousand of you don’t. That’s fine.

I don’t know anything about Padalecki’s life outside the show. I don’t really care one way or another if he is a lovely person, as so many of you have commented, because my enjoyment of the show is entirely self-contained. The previous article had no intentions of commenting on Padalecki as a person. And all this leads to my next point…

There were no comments about Padalecki’s wife. I’ve seen a lot of comments about Jared’s wife, who is apparently the actress who played Ruby during the fourth season of the show. Cool. I might have known that, I’m not sure. But frankly, I don’t care one way or another, have no opinion about her, whether she’s right for Jared, or whatever it is that riles people up about that situation. The only opinion I have about Genevieve Cortese is that I preferred Katie Cassidy as Ruby, though unlike some diehard haters of the second portrayal, there was a lot of nuance brought by Cortese that I thought expanded the character.

Allusions to substance abuse were greatly exaggerated: I speak in a comical tone, so naturally I try to write in one. I may have erred in my comment of “whatever he was taking….” I wasn’t suggesting he took anything illegal, because frankly I have no knowledge, and (you’ll hear this phrase a lot) care one way or another. The reference was there for humor…but wasn’t interpreted as such.

In fact, the entire aside about his body mass may feel out of place. Perhaps. Watching the character throughout the show, it’s very difficult to not be shocked as he progressively grows in size.

This isn’t a bad thing. When the show started, Padalecki, and consequently, Sam, were tall and lanky. I didn’t really buy this. This guy fights super strong demons and such but is a pip squeak?

If anything, Sam’s role is more believable now that he’s considerably bulkier. The only thing I was highlighting—though they are ultimately unrelated—is that he began bulking up around the time I stopped enjoying his performance.

I’m not endorsing Jensen Ackles as a better actor: Here we get to the crux of the controversy, as oh so many of you have pegged me with an EDG (am I saying that right? Exclusive Dean Girl right?). I’m not saying Ackles is a better actor, I’m not saying Dean is the better character, nor am I bashing the oh-so-critical role that Sam plays in the show. Would Ackles have been a better choice for Sam? I have no clue, didn’t endorse or suggest that.

All I can say is I think Ackles has nailed the role of Dean. He’s shown great range (though many of you have reduced his role to grunting) as Dean, and as I said, I feel he’s grown as an actor in the role—or at least gotten better at playing Dean. When the show began, I thought Ackles wasn’t very convincing.

I’ve seen Ackles in three roles now, and this is the only one I’ve liked him in. I was very indifferent towards his character on “Dawson’s Creek.” And his character on “Smallville” absolutely ruined Lana for me. Seriously, she was dead to me after she dated Jason.

So this wasn’t a “praise Dean/Ackles” by bashing Sam/Padalecki. It was a commentary meant to raise questions and provoke intelligent debate. Had I written a more thorough and intelligible piece, this might have happened.

Or maybe not. Because it seems like there’s a lot of animosity in the “SPN Community.” And you guys are crazy.

I really like Sam: Completely inconsequential to any of this, and perhaps conflicting to many of you given that I’ve heavily called out the actor playing Sam, but I like the character.

The character of Sam is in a lot of ways why I watch Supernatural. He’s been such a layered character. He never knew his mother and grew up feeling detached from his family as he longed for a normal life. Of course, he couldn’t have that because of his destiny—something he wanted no part of. He’s experienced phenomenal growth and expansion as a character throughout the series. Some of the themes Sam faces are universal and one of the principally engaging aspects of the series.

So how do I like Sam so much if I don’t like Jared Padelecki? Well…

Calling Jared Padalecki “terrible” was a strong, sensational choice of wording: For the first two seasons of “Supernatural,” I had no qualms with Padalecki’s performance. I liked him in “Gilmore Girls” (though I wasn’t fond when Dean married that other girl, which somewhat tarnished the character for me). The two movies I’ve seen Padalecki in, “House of Wax” and “Cry Wolf” produce no notable memories of disliking his performance. And since I thoroughly enjoyed both (which were critically panned), obviously Padalecki, who had large roles in each, succeeded in his performances.

So when I started watching “Supernatural,” I had more warm feelings toward Padalecki than Ackles. And for the first two seasons, I think Padalecki outdid Ackles. But then…that’s where it changes.

I believe the show has grown by leaps and bounds each year, and has improved each season (though my final evaluation of season six won’t come until it ends). To me, this began with season three.

Though it was an uneven season (the writer’s strike contributed to this), season three was when the show began upping the stakes. The first main arc (yellow-eye) was complete, and the show really began to move forward in every scope.

Which is when I began to have problems with Padalecki. Sam lost his brother, and was lost. He faced an addiction to demon blood, while grappling with the weight of an impending apocalypse and the uncertainty of his role in it. Then, he learned he was the vessel of Lucifer—the devil himself. He was faced with prophecy that he would have to fight his brother. That he would one day say yes to the Devil. And the weight of the apocalypse continued to mount.

I personally (as in my opinion, which I don’t parade as fact, and may be in opposition to your own) don’t believe Padalecki has the range to pull this off. If he does, I don’t believe he proved it. To be fair, the depth and range that were required would have taxed many actors. I don’t know who could have pulled it off.

I’ll use two examples. A vague reference to several instances, I never really bought Sam’s actions on “demon blood.” I wasn’t fond of Padalecki’s movements or his facial gestures. They seemed hokey to me.

Second, one that has been mentioned in the comments many times. I really didn’t like Padalecki’s performance as Lucifer. He played Lucifer in two episodes, and each are things I’d like to forget.

When Lucifer made his first appearance, he was played by a female, “Bellamy Young.” Even in the few minutes she portrayed Lucifer, I was blown away. I had goose bumps. Lucifer, as envisioned and written on the show, was fantastic.

When Mark Pellegrino took over the role, I had the same adoration for the performance and character. Pellegrino was just one in a long list of outstanding guest stars on a little-watched fantasy show on the CW.

But I do not look at Padalecki’s performance in the same way. Which is why I was disappointed with “Swan Song.”

Concluding a million little thoughts:

-Many comments touched on the importance of Sam vs Dean, or a preference for one character or another. Some commented they didn’t like one or the other’s storyline, or one character was the star, or had the better plot…

I don’t see it like this. Both Sam and Dean are both intrinsically necessary the Supernatural. I don’t see their storyline as starring or better or worse—the show revolves around each of them equally. Each of their actions has reverberations for both of them.

-Was Sam miscast? That was a sensational title. I’ll never see Sam as anyone other than Padalecki. And the work he did in the early seasons of the show built the character from the ground up. Could the role have been done better in the later seasons? I think so.

-For those whose comments were in the range of “shame on you,” “how could you write such a mean thing,” accused the article of slander, or made other useless comments that only wasted my time and inbox space, at the end of the day, this is a television show. And I write commentary on entertainment, as do thousands of other writers in America. Not everyone agrees with critics. Write something tactfully voicing that. No need to lose reason and sanity over differing opinions. If you disagree, I’m happy, because you likely found greater satisfaction than I, which makes you the winner, no?

-I rank the sesason’s from best to last as 4, 5, 2, 1, 3. Where Season 6 falls is TBD. And if you don’t agree, that’s OK.

-I originally intended to conclude with a list of “favorite” comments to the original article; I may update to include those at some point. But the most important thing to me in writing a follow up was addressing inaccuracies, concerns and questions raised from the first article. As I see things I forgot—I may address them.

-Comments on the previous post got out of hand. This isn’t a forum devoted to Supernatural, so keep the personal attacks out of here and baggage from those sites away.

-If you didn’t read this entire article, and make comments that demonstrate that, insert references that weren’t made  on this page, or are otherwise inflammatory without good measure, well that speaks to your intelligence, not mine.

But until then, I’ve given you all some more gasoline. Get out your matches, and let’s go.

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Jason Woods is a Blast staff writer

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  1. M

    I didn’t post anything on your last post. Like some people I disagreed, but unlike others, I believed you had a valid opinion, shrugged and closed the window to read something else. Besides, I think I’m allergic to flames … they bother me. That being said, I am really happy you wrote this follow up post. It really broke down the argument you made last time, but it was a tad less sensational and I think you have very valid points. Though I still disagree with some, I just need to randomly point out I pretty much completely agree with your season count down (except 4-5 are tied on mine). Thank you again for posting this follow up article. I hope the flamers won’t bother you too much. Good luck! M

  2. strangelove

    Tsk Jason. You caved to the Sam fans like everybody else. I thought you had more guts than that. Sadly, you’re not the first to give into them, nor will you be the last., Look at Gamble’s season of Sam is Everything, all to satisfy the Sam fans.

    Oh well.

  3. Heather

    Welcome to world of Supernatural. While I was more of a fan of Ackles earlier it was during season 4 that I began to notice JP’s acting, that was not a good thing. It was almost as if JP got bored with the character. Honestly, for season S5 I found JP characterization of Sam to be unlikeable, I don’t think it was intentional. Too bad I really did want to like Sam like I did in season 3.

    BTW, I didn’t mind JP’s performance and Lucifer in “The End.” However, in “Swan Song” it was horribly bad both in the mirror scene and the graveyard scene.

  4. Erika

    This is why I’ve all but given up on fandom. You can’t have an opinion without getting flamed and the complainers outnumber the people who just want to share a general love of the show. I do prefer Dean and I do think Jensen is a better actor, but I also respect Jared and the part Sam plays in the story. The thing is, if I say that, I’m considered an Evil Dean Girl. It’s so, so silly. Best to keep your love of the show in its customary place so the squabbling doesn’t interfere.

  5. maia

    Thanks for the response Jason. I confess I was pretty appalled at the personal attacks directed at you. But it really isn’t anything new in this fandom. We do ourselves more harm than good most of the time.

    I am glad that you stuck to guns on your critique of Padalecki’s performance. Personally, I think he was extremely week in the first season, got better in the second, but once they gave more complex and ambiguous material to work with in seasons 3 onwards, wasn’t as much up to the task as I would like. I think that has become even more glaringly apparent since the show has shifted focus more completely towards him since the end of season 5 and now this season. I just don’t think he can carry the load that the writers have given him and that’s a shame because the show is suffering because of it.

    But I appreciate your commenting on the show and hope you will continue to do so and that you won’t let the bullies browbeat you into pacifying them, the way some other critics have over time.

    Best of luck and I look forward to following your tv coverage in the future.

    • tina

      I disagree with you as many do . Jared has done a very good job with Souless Sam as the praise he has recieved has proven from both fans and critics. The show certainly hasnt suffered for it and although Jared LIKE MOST ACTORS including Jensen dont get it spot on he has grown has a actor . Which is why the actors he has worked with acknowledge his ability. He has had the harder role to play than Jensen and has done it at times with one hand tied behind his back. I have no idea why this author decide to write these articles nor do I agree with his choice of words .And reading through these comments I see the same Jensen fans who hate on Jared spouting their usual stuff. Them agreeing with these articles is no surprise. Jared has done a fine job with Sam he certainly has nothing to apologize for .

      • Tara

        The praise you speak of is much exagerated by yourself, especially when Ackles is still getting every bit as much praise and attention as he ever has as Dean despite the writers not giving him anything to do other than ring his hands over Sam.

        Jared does not have the harder role to play. Maybe it looks harder because Ackles makes it look easy. 😉

        But seriously the idea that some it is easier to play the sort of role Dean is, with everything Dean has been through and all the extremes the character has been through is ridiculous and it’s what people like you tell themselves to make themselves feel better. Dean was created to be a one note sidekick(probably to be killed off by around Season 3, imo, most likely to be replaced by a new love interest for Sam) to Sam Winchester. It was Jensen’s layered, subtext filled portrayal that inspired the writers to do more with him. Kripke said so himself in a magazine article done during the first half of Season 1.

        As for easy, given Sera Gamble herself once said that there are times she will know dialogue is mediocre and leave it because she figures somehow Ackles will make it work? Yeah somehow I think Jensen often has to fight an uphill battle. It’s a nice pat on the back to his abilities that the writers apparently know he can turn straw into gold sometimes but on the other hand, it certain makes him job a lot harder.

        As it is, Dean is a highly complex character who in some recent genre polls such as SFX magazines has ranked up there will some truly iconic characters and while the writers deserve some credit, Ackles deserves a lot of the credit for not only making the most of what he’s given when they give him great stuff to work with(like The End or What Is and What Should Never Be) but also improving upon things when they give him crap.

  6. strangelove

    BTW, I still agree with your article although I do think that Jensen was just as srong in the first 2 years. I also think Padalecki was a lot better then than he is now, but not stronger than Jensen. My main reason is Skin, Asylum and mostly, Devil’s Trap, where Jensen was allowed to stretch those acting chops and did extremely well.

    But like I said, at that time, I also thought JP was decent. But I agree with Maia. I don’t think the show should have let JP carry it, since I don’t think he is strong enough to, and the end of season 5 and all this season shows it.

    I apologize if I came of obnoxious in my previous post. I’m kind of tired of this fandom and not being able to express any opinions complimenting Dean without being accused of being a non-fan for not liking both, or for being an EDG because I don’t fawn over Jared.

    One last comment;
    “””the show revolves around each of them equally. “”
    No, unfortunately, it does not. It used to, up until the end of season 4. It hasn’t since the beginning of season 5 and especially this season, which also accounts for my bitterness.

    • Evangeline

      I usually don’t post on message boards like this because comments tend to be misinterpreted since you can’t read the body language too. However, I felt the need to comment because you make a valid point about expressing your opinion in this fandom. I am deeply, down to my bones, a hardcore fan of Supernatural. Although I tend to identify more with Dean, I don’t believe that I could be classified as a Dean girl because I love both characters and what they bring to the show. However, sometimes the more extreme voices of the fandom hijack reasonable conversation and resort to personally attacking posters, which I’ve never felt was appropriate.

      That being said, I don’t agree with the assessment of Jared Padalecki’s performance as lacking. I think that he has consistently improved with each season. The first couple of seasons felt like he was completely uncomfortable in the character’s skin and was overly exaggerating some actions. Perhaps it was simply that he needed to flesh out the character a bit more. Case in point, in “Hunted” from season 2 there’s a scene at the beginning where Sam is angry at Dean about keeping some important information from him. Padalecki’s overly exaggerated ‘angry face’ kind of had me rolling my eyes at the time. However, I felt like he had improved by leaps and bounds by the time we got to “Metamorphosis” in season 4. Sam and Dean are once again having an argument but his angry face and the emotions he was sharing were much more believable and much better conveyed.

      As far as Jensen Ackles is concerned, I’ve always felt he was the stronger of the two actors. He really does take a character that could (if not portrayed well) become flat and annoying and turn him into a powerful and layered character. I’ve never thought that Jensen Ackles was a weak actor, but I think that he has grown into Dean much like Padalecki has grown into Sam. Both actors are doing some of their best work in season 6 and they both deserve high praise for the outstanding job they’re doing.

      You are, of course, entitled to your opinion and I respect your thoughts. Although I don’t agree with you, I can see your point. I do wish that more people in the fandom would allow for intelligent discussion about the characters, story, etc. though. I don’t think you have to absolutely adore every episode to be a fan, and I don’t think people should be attacked for it.

  7. Joseph Balaich

    We all express our opinions. I have not visited fan sites either or known facts and all that. I enjoy Supernatural mainly because it does not follow the same patterns of regular tv shows. For instance a post-apocalypse, God being a absent father figure, Lucifer’s fall from Grace and mainly that the theme is family.

  8. Melanie

    Thank you for the clarification, Jason. The previous article did read to me as more of an attack than a critique and I apologize for responding in kind.
    Its funny, you know I would rank the seasons in almost the same order (I liked S1 better than S2) but the main reason I liked S4 & S5 so much was because of Jared’s performance. I personally thought he pulled it off beautifully. I found Sam to be far more engaging in S4 than in S1 or S2.

  9. Mary

    Do you realize that you look even more ridiculous with that new article??? You can’t save it dude, stop embarrassing yourself and our intelligence even more…
    From all this funny article of yours I’ll ask only this: how can you like the character of Sam when you find the actor that plays him so horrible?????

    • poisongirl

      From all this funny article of yours I’ll ask only this: how can you like the character of Sam when you find the actor that plays him so horrible?????

      Yes Mary… I ask myself the same question…This is totally conflicting…. I mean HOW can you really like a character WHEN you find the actor that plays him so horrible??? I mean come on!!! That doesn´t make sense at all…

  10. kelios

    Obviously, the response to your article NEVER should have resulted in death threats or threats of violence. I’m sorry that so many fans let themselves get that carried away.

    I appreciate the pseudoapology, but the fact is, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Your article was written to be sensationalist and inflammatory; you shouldn’t have been surprised to get the same type of responses back. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the tone in which you express it goes a long way toward determining the response you’ll get.

  11. Anie

    Ew. Another one caved to Sam fans. Embarrassing.

    I have a question though. How S5 can be better than S2?

  12. Nightowl

    Trying again to see if I can post without getting cut-off mid-sentence.

    I didn’t comment last time because I was sure anything I had to say would get lost in the outpouring of rage that was sure to come. But I had several thoughts at the time: (1) This guy obviously got up on the wrong side of bed and needed someone to take it out on, and Padelaki is the person he chose. (2) The phrasing sounded intensely personal (as though you had been personally insulted by the actor) rather than the thoughtfully-considered and -phrased evaluation of an impartial critic. (3) It may not have been intended as an attack on Padelaki, but it certainly came across as one – so, if the author didn’t mean it that way, he obviously must have posted what he’d written without reading it first.

    You mention in this post that the previous one was supposed to be comedic. Epic FAIL! Because there was nothing remotely identifiable as comedic in it… nothing to indicate tongue-in-cheek or satire or jesting of any kind.

    Might I make a few suggestions to avoid such confrontations with fans in the future (not only from Supernatural fans but from fans of other shows as well)? (1) Do a little research and find out what the subculture of fandom is all about. (2) When your target demographic is fans, don’t take an attitude of condescension and superiority over them the way you do in the current article. That will only alienate more readers. (3) If this is supposed to be a “professional” review site (based on it’s being called a *magazine*, get an editor – or at least a proof-reader to (a) catch the basic grammar, punctuation and spelling errors in this article, and (b) warn you when the article doesn’t achieve the (comedic) goal you intended. They may even have some good advice on how to fix the problem before it sees the light of day and calls down the wrath of readers upon your head.

    • Jess

      Very well said, Nightowl. And to the people complaining that “another one caved to the Sam fans”… if someone had written a similar article about Jensen, how would you be reacting? I wouldn’t bet it’d be very different from how a lot of people here reacted…

  13. Inglish

    Here we go again. Obviously, nobody should be allowed to insult Padalecki, or even tell the truth. Face it, the guy isn’t the best actor, never was, and chances are, never will be. Get over it and stop telling this guy he’s wrong just because he’s not in lust with Padalecki and thinks the world revolves around him.

    We have enough of that with Gamble and season 6 sucks because of it.

    Also, I wonder how many of these fans who bitch at you have had no problems expressing their opinions about actors they didn’t like, and then get all indignant if someone didn’t allow them to express their opinion?

    This isn’t to say I agree with everything you said Jason. I certainly will never agree that sucky season 5 was better than season 2, nor that Padalecki was ever better than Ackles, but that’s your opinion and I respect it.

    I think this season should have ended with season 4, then I wouldn’t have had to find out just how horrible the writing and storytelling can get.

  14. Jane

    I did not respond to your previous article because I thought it was trash, just like were some replies: both made me sad to see how hiding behind a screen can make people hateful.
    The reason I did not like your previous article is because you have every right to dislike an actor but it does not mean he is a “terrible actor”, you just do not like the way he plays.
    I can not stand a movie staring Nicole Kidman for exemple, I stopped watching ER because I could not handle anymore maura Tierney : I do not like them but they both receive many praises so I suppose they are good actress.
    There are not a single actor who will be appreciated by everyone, the best of them are bringing love and hate. I will not say Jared is the best actor but he certainly bring this love and hate.
    Now I do love both Jared and Jensen’s acting I think they are both perfect for the role even if from time to time they are not at their best but since I enjoy them 99% of the time, I don’t mind.
    To show that opinions can be totally different, the rank of the seasons for me are: 2 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 4.
    I did not like season 4 because everytime Castiel was on screen I was bored but i really enjoyed him in season 5 and I love season 6 so far even if it took time to finf its space.
    Anyway It is not a matter of who is right or wrong it is just tast, colors … we like or not.
    I thing the reson you receive so many strong reactions is because you stated an opinion and sorry but event if I don’t like this hate from one side or an over, you received what you gave to Jared.
    I might be also wrong but I though EDG means “Evil Dean Girls” because there are a few fans who trash any characters and actors who take sreen time away from Dean. The fisrt target is of course Sam and Jared , imagine what happens when Sam disagrees whith Dean, Then there is Bobby and Jim Beaver because the character put back Dean in his place a couple of times, then there are any woman who dare touch Dean and so on and so on. they simply want all this characrters gone, only Castiel seems to find grace in their eyes, I suppose it is because he is always on Dean ‘side.
    I suppose there are some fans who reacts the same for Sam but I have not cross any yet.
    And for the record I love both Sam and Dean.
    Sorry for the log post and any mistakes beacause english is not my maternel language.

    • lolz!

      Oh the self-righteousness. How it burns.

      ESG (Evil/extreme Sam Girl) is also a well-know phrase in the fandom and y’all have been showing your undies in response to these two articles.

  15. Tara

    Jason you should never have felt the need to write this article and I am rather disappointed that you did, for every person who raked you over the coals there were also people agreeing with you. Stick to your guns. You have a right to your opinions. You said some not so nice things about Ackles too even if you complimented his portrayal of Dean, it isn’t like you were portraying favoritism.

  16. Alyson S

    I think this was a great follow up piece to your first article. Much like how I feel about the country sometimes, I absolutely love this fandom, and I absolutely hate this fandom (this will probably get comments on it’s own). I think we have some amazing, devoted, respectful, passionate fans, but that can be great and horrible at the same time. I love my show, the boys, the writers, the fans, and everything about Supernatural, and I wish it could be enjoyed as the entertainment it’s meant to be without turning into ridiculous squabbling. I agree with a lot that you said, and disagree with a lot that you said, and that’s how civilized debates should start.

    Please don’t judge the whole fandom on comments made by a select few. On some of the best forums and at the conventions you can find some amazing, awesome people that are what fans should be.

    I hate that the first post went BATSHIT INSANE, but thus is world of anonymous internet comments. Good luck with this one!

  17. Elle

    How can such an untalented actor play the layered character you describe and confess to liking?

    You were supposed to dislike Sam (or at least his actions) in season 4 and 5, did that ever occur to you? Same in season 6 – you are not supposed to like him since e’s not even really Sam but a soulless entity! He’s supposed to be enigmatic and hard to grasp, that’s why his entire story was told, and still largely is, in the background. .Dean is the stand-in for the viewer. He’s the one you are supposed to relate to. Did you totally miss that?
    *shakes head*

    • Tara

      Actually Sam was always supposed to be the “stand in for the viewer”, just like most characters set up with hero’s journeys of special destiny, as Sam was. Even when they “fall” we are supposed to feel for them, identify with them, root for them to fix themselves. Kripke said so himself, that Sam was that character(in fact in the Pilot commentary he even said, when Sam was on the screen “Our Hero”), he also said that Sam was essentially his “avatar”(in fanfiction this might be called “Mary Sue” but one hopes for better writing from professionals). Unfortunately much of the audience who were supposed to did not identify with Sam, they identified with Dean.

      • Inglish

        Well said. I tried to think of a response but you managed it well. Padalecki failed where Jensen succeeded, and the Sam fans, Kripke, and Gamble have never forgiven Jensen for that. Which is Kripke and Gamble’s loss, since the show would have been a thousand times better if they had recognized Dean for the great character he was and used him.

    • Mily

      I dislike Dexter’s actions and some times him but I love Michael C. Hall, his work with the character and he always understand de the character. The same way Mark Pellegrino ‘ s Lucifer was awesome tender, sympathetic and chilling all at the same time. Padalecki just hasn’t done a work as good as them, for me.

  18. Tara

    By the way EDG(Evil Dean Girl) is and always has been a totally unfair moniker because it has always basically been applied to fans who dares admits they like Dean more than Sam and/or thinks Jensen is a better actor. For example? Vote for Dean in a poll that features both Dean and Sam? Well you are an evil Dean girl. It was a nice convenient “mean girl” technique applied by a few big name Sam fans to vilify for the most part people who were not doing anything other than enjoying their favorite character, not trashing Sam. But of course once those fans started getting attacked then naturally they felt the need to defend themselves. It started in January of 2006, Season 1 – I remember clearly seeing it happen, I’ve been in fandoms long enough to recognize the techniques. It started at a time when there were no issues whatsoever in fandom. It just so happened that Dean was clearly the more popular character right from the pilot episode.

    Of course there are extreme fans, on both sides, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to applying the EDG moniker, as you discovered yourself.

  19. poisongirl

    I love watching the evolution of Jared’s acting over the past 6 years, from the pilot where he was so young and I thought his lack of experience showed but did not hinder his performance all the way to Robo-Sam where he’s taken everything about the character RealSam who he has been for 5 seasons and literally had to throw it out the window to make this almost Anti-Sam.

    I think it’s probably easier to play a character with emotions because we as human beings have emotions, we react to certain situations in certain ways but emotions always play a part. To play a character who is emotionless and does not react how we as humans would react I would consider to be incredibly difficult especially to do it and not come out as robotic in action and speech. Kudos to Jared for pulling it off.

    I have really enjoyed these past 6 years as a SPN fan and a lot of that has been due to the talented Mr Padalecki. The evolution of Sam has been something amazing to watch, he literally changes from season to season yet theres always an underlying sense of Sam even if season 6 that sense of Sam was being faked.

    So thank you for all your hard work over the years Jared (and Jensen) you make this show worth watching. Sam and Dean are amazing characters because you guys make them come alive. This show wouldn’t work if any of the actors were found lacking.

  20. Anne

    Here’s something to consider. I know – because I’ve just come from there – that a lot of people savaging the preceding article and this one originate from the CW Lounge, and they’re all over there loudly declaring that they’ve been here commenting.

    Yet the comments in the preceding article are not remotely as offensive as comments made on that forum by Sam/Jared fans about Misha Collins’ looks/acting ability during the last two season of the show. They also aren’t remotely as offensive as comments made about Cindy Sampson’s looks/acting ability by those fans. They also are not remotely as offensive as comments made by those fans about Jensen Ackles’ body after pictures were released of him playing soccer without his shirt on.

    • rowena

      In the same way I can easily recognize quite a few posters here from the other side of the spectrum. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking “the other side is the problem”. If that is your opinion then I can promise that YOU are part of the problem. There are extreme fans on both sides and they are all just as annoying.

      • Anne

        “There are extreme fans on both sides and they are all just as annoying.”

        Yes. *That was my point.*

  21. Lesley M.

    I have to admit right off the bat that I didn’t read most of either article. I read enough to know it was going to upset and anger me and I stopped. So you may use that to disregard everything I’m going to say, and that’s fine. But I can honest argue that my points are valid and I am right. Because, as anyone who knows me will atest to, I am always right when it comes to Supernatural.

    I am a diehard fan, what I would call a ‘Lifer’. This show is the be-all-end-all for me. I do consider myself a fangirl, but on a ‘special’ level that most other regular fangirls wouldn’t understand.

    Probably because FAN is the wrong word for it. I consider the small group of people I discuss the show with on a regular basis my WinFamily. (as in WINchester). My WinSisters, and a few WinBrothers. And we see it on a level that rises over the purely “Dean vs. Sam” that some girls can’t get past.

    I enjoy a healthy debate, and when it comes to Supernatural I can get overly passionate about it, but I do have to say it did come off like you were bashing both the boys at the start of the last article and then praising Jensen at the end of it, while still pushing Jared playing Sam as if it were a bad thing.
    Then this article sounds like you’re backtracking a little.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to threaten your life over it, that’s not a level I’d be willing to stoop down to. I can’t imagine someone doing that over a television series.

    Though I do intent to write my own article in response to yours … Once I calm down enough to actually read.

    In closing I have to say you can be a fan of the show without hunting the intranet (yes, I meant to spell it that way) for every scrap of information. But I wouldn’t be expressing my opinions so strongly without doing a little backround checking on it. Which I’m assuming you’ve not done. Please tell me if you have otherwise.

    And we’re not all crazy. That actually offends me personally.

    • lolz!

      Right because all columnists should pander to the majority view which is the no one must criticize this show. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

  22. M

    Eep. Yet another reviewer falls to the threats and screeds of the Sam fans. Oh well, it was nice to see an honest opinion while it lasted.

  23. cherrygirl

    Just FYI, EDG = Entitled Dean Girl. And all groups of people are made up of pretty much the same ratio of normals to crazies, whether it’s a tech ‘fandom’ or a tv show one. 😉

    • lolz!

      Judging the response to these two articles I would say the ratio of ESGs to normal Sam fans is far higher than normal.

  24. John Barrie

    “garnered four death threats, and at least a half-dozen deleted comments for excessively vulgar content”
    -Sadly, they all probably came from the same person. HA. Well, maybe not, but you get what I mean. Less than 3% of the fandom is that crazy, and sadly, they are the loudest. And mostly in that little “tween” area.

    • lolz!

      Actually most of them are not tweens but women in their 30s to 50s judging by the make-up of people who are active on the more extreme boards and the people who attend conventions.

  25. John Barrie

    For the record, I definitely find Ackles’ performance the stronger one, and Jared is great most of the time, but doesn’t always step up to the plate. This was most obvious in season 4, as I too felt that he didn’t really sell the demon blood storyline. Sometimes, he really surprises me: I thought he was fantastic in eps like Mystery Spot and Born Under a Bad Sign. I thought his Lucifer portrayal was great in The End, so it really made me wonder what the heck went wrong in Swan Song…
    That being said, on a weekly basis I can usually be guaranteed to find above-average acting on Supernatural from everyone involved.

    • Evangeline

      See, I’m the reverse. I liked Padalecki’s performance as Lucifer in Swan Song better than I did in The End. I thought that he inhabited the role more comfortably in Swan Song. Mark Pelligrino did an excellent job as Lucifer, and I think a lot of people were comparing Padalecki and Pelligrino instead of looking at them as completely different performances. But I agree with you about his performances in Mystery Spot and Born Under a Bad Sign. I would also add When the Levee Breaks to that list of really good performances.

    • suki

      I thought Jared’s Lucifer in The End was oddly effeminate. Swan Song as a tour de force of Padalecki scenery chewing both as Sam and as Lucifer.

      What I think he does best is the quiet, vulnerable younger brother stuff and he’s very good at the physical comedy. He’s also very, very good at playing an arrogant asshat. I always find that part of the character believable.

      But ANGRY-man Sam makes me lol as does most anything where he has to express strong emotion. Then you can see him telegraphing the “acting” like crazy. It’s practically written across his forehead.

  26. Renee

    I don’t think there is a point to play Sam vs Dean. The show would not work with out both of them, no matter where the plot goes. I think that both Ackles and Padalecki do a good job with what they have to work with. I know we have some excitable fans out here who aren’t always so nice, however, that is with any fandom. I enjoy them both equally and will continue to watch the show until the last episode.

  27. moriahskies

    It’s a good thing I didn’t read your last article. I probably would have been one of the people asking why in hell you watch the show. But I liked this article. Of course I disagree with most of your criticism, but that’s okay. Jensen is my favorite, but I think both Padalecki and Ackles are tremendous actors and have grown professionally and creatively with the show beyond any performances I’ve ever seen on another show. I still don’t get why they’re not nominated for best actor at every award show. Hugh Laurie? Michael C. Scott? Give me a break.

    I’ve been really blown away by Padalecki this season. As much as I miss the old Sam, it’s been interesting for me to watch Padalecki play Sam without a soul. It still seems like Sam, but something’s just off. Now that the old Sam will be back, I’m going to miss this one because it’s so different.

  28. Jess

    …I’ve honestly never been to a “Supernatural” fanpage or forum…

    That’s why Jason you managed to see things clearly. Your previous article was harsh but the content was true. Let me explain what I mean by ‘true’.
    Somehow, there’s this huge discrepancy between the general ‘off-line’ opinion and the opinions stated in Supernatural forums. I’ve studied a few of on-line fandoms and I’ve never seen anything even remotely similar. With Supernatural, there seems to be this really clear division between official, ‘the only right’ (almost Soviet-like) line of thinking and the ‘real’ or – for the lack of a better word – a ‘democratic’ one. Criticising the Show is of course out of question. But so is criticising Jared. He seems to be extra protected, probably because he IS the weakest link. There are also a few very vocal Jared fans who appear every time someone says negative things about their favourite actor. In my experience, these are the same fans over and over again. ( I’ve read about one fan admitting she has Google/all browsers alert on and every time Jared’s name appears she checks the source and if it’s something negative, she ‘notifies’ her ’emergency response unit’ – ..I know) . I’m almost sure you’ve already met them in the previous comments. The same happened with Canadagraphs, a Vancouver professional autograph hound, who simply described his encounter with Padalecki (Jared was apparently extremely unpleasant) and within an hour he received extremely offensive comments (including, like you, life threats). It’s just the way it is in this fandom. But good news is, Jason, there’s absolutely nothing to worry or to be too serious about. The ones making those comments are mostly kids. Canadagraphs simply blocked them and now his site is one of the most popular among Supernatural fans because he regularly updates his Supernatural blog.
    Also, because I’ve researched this fandom, (as a few other fandoms), let me just give you 2 objectively verifiable data (as opposed to the emotional out-pour you’ve experienced in the last few days) . 1. We’ve conducted an objective email survey among Supernatural fans who do NOT take part in on-line forums,fanpages etc. and 73% (sic!) declared to be what you would call Jensen/Dean fans, 3% Castiel/Misha fan, the rest, naturally, being Sam/Jared fans ( we asked specifically to chose one of the characters). Compare this with the ratio of Sam vs Dean comments. Interesting, right?
    2. It wasn’t an official, or even a very serious, ‘research’ but I showed your article to 12 Supernatural fans, again not actively participating in the fandom. 4 ‘agreed completely’, 7 ‘agreed with the content but not the form’ and 1 stated the ‘the form was unacceptable’ . Most of them described it as ‘thought-provoking material’.
    So, as you can see Jason, there are normal ways and then there are the fandom ways. I’m sorry your introduction to the fandom has been so unpleasant. My advice? Don’t treat it too seriously. Learn to embrace the craziness. And stick to your opinions because, in my experience, it’s the only way to gain the fandom’s respect.
    BTW if you are interested in a civilised discussion about the Supernatural fandom and not really the show itself, I recommend Fangasm! (http://fangasmthebook.wordpress.com/). I HAVE NO CONNECTION TO THIS SITE! I just like it.

  29. JessR

    Oh there seem to be 2 people using the name ‘Jess’. Let me use JessR – I’ve written the very long (I apologise…) post about fandom…

  30. JessR

    BTW Jason. Have you seen how many Facebook LIKES your previous article has received? That seems to prove my point.

    • Amber

      I don’t know Jess, can you select “dislike” on facebook? I guess not so really how many likes this article received proves nothing and gives as one sided a view of things as your original post does.

      • lolz!

        At least 254 people liked Jason’s last article and so far there are 260 comments. About (maybe more) two-thirds of those comments were critical of those comments. So there seem to be a heck of a lot of people who did agree with the article and probably didn’t comment at all.

      • AgentSmith

        lolz, you’re right comparing the number of comments with the numer of ‘likes’ (we also have to remember that more that one comment could be written by one person and also we should subtract the comments supporting Jensen)
        Also…No Amber, Facebook doesn’t have ‘dislike’ button but the number of ‘likes’ shows how many people agreed with the article and that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the comments. I rarely see so many ‘likes’ concerning an article. Are you also questioning the interpretation of the % in the results of the survey (because there’s nothing to interpret, they are % =facts) or are you questioning the survey itself just because it doesn’t seem to prove your opinion?
        Finally, Jensen won Ewwy Awards in 2008 and 2010 as Best Actor in Drama Series as well as a recent Spoiler TV Award For Best Actor in Drama (where only registered votes counted and people could vote only once so it wasn’t the same Deangirls voting non stop) and a few more and Jared …well… none. I agree these are not emmy’s but they show that JessR is right. Are these facts objective enough for you?
        Also, to make myself clear. I’m not looking for confrontation. You obviously have your own – strong – opinion and ,as the author mentioned, probably nothing and no one will ever change it but I just get really annoyed with the ‘So much the worse for the facts!’ attitude.

      • Amber

        Supernatural fans are passionate, whether it comes to loving or hating some aspect on show. So it doesn’t surprise me that there are 250 odd ‘likes’ my point is if you could select ‘dislike’ I would expect many many more than 250. But this can’t be proved one way or the other.

        As to your comments about Jensen, I never mentioned Jensen. I wasn’t talking about his or Jared’s acting, my comments were directed at the onesided comments from Jess which seemed to be saying that its Sam/Jared fans that leap to the defense of the actor and are the only ones in this fandom that are extreme. This is entirely not true. It wasn’t Sam fans that prompted a public response from Eric Kripke after Yellow Fever aired, no that outcry came from Dean fans. Not to mention numerous sites around the internet this season that have been inundated with complaints and extreme comments from Dean fans upset that their favorite has not been as much at the forefront of the story as they would like (much like what happened in season 4 with Sam fans). My point is that both sides of this ridiculous divide are more than capable of “showing their undies” and in fact both sides in the original article did so. Dean fans with their gleeful bashing of Padalecki came off looking no better than anyone else.

      • AgentSmith

        Jess seemed to be saying (…) that its Sam/Jared fans (…) are the only ones in this fandom that are extreme.
        I didn’t understand Jess’ post like that at all. She mentions extreme Sam fans because they are the ones that threatened and offended the author.( And from what I understand this Canadagraphs guy) I have the impression that she was trying to put the author’s mind at ease. (I know I would need that after receiving life threats and not being aware that sometimes (unfortunately ) it’s just a part of ‘fandom ways’.) She does suggest/illustrate that Sam/Jared’s fans seem to be unusually vocal and ‘passionate’ because as their intense (I’m trying to be diplomatic here…) online presence doesn’t really translate to the popularity of the character.
        Again. Crazies are undoubtedly on both sides but let the reason win.

  31. Hidingwolfe

    Jason: in no particular order…. (1) although I don’t agree with all of your opinions some I thought were right on the mark. Both articles were interesting & gave my brain food for thought. Key word here – OPINIONS. (2) some people need to get a grip on reality. It’s not like SPN will be canceled on your word alone. (3) you get a lot of props & respect from this reader because you don’t go to fan sites. Sam Girls / Dean Girls. Now Cas & Bobby have their own factions. This is a TV show. It’s supposed to be enjoyed. Argue about things that are important. (4) I love TV. I love Supernatural. Jensen’s my favorite because he took an interest in & wrote to this fan several times when she was going through the worst time of her life & literally didn’t know if she was going to live or die. You can assume I’m devoted. That said – it’s a TV show! It’s great the fans are passionate – I think that’s what helped it return for season 6. But why are you fighting each other?????

  32. Kristy

    After reading this article, okay, I understand. I think Jared was a far more interesting an actor in the first two seasons. I loved his enthusiasm and his interest in Sam Winchester. What Jared hasn’t been able to do is grow with his character. Right now, his acting skills can’t match the character and where the character is, right now. Jared is still learning and has improved over the years, it’s just that the writing requires a more versatile actor, one with more layers, and more imagination. Supernatural was only supposed to last for five years. I think Jared was the PERFECT choice at the time, with the five year plan, and with Kripke’s writing.

    Jensen on the other hand keeps adapting to the writing and to his character. Maybe it’s his approach to acting, the character, or maybe it’s just his approach to life.

    Anyway dear blogger, I guess what I’m saying is that I see your point. The third season seems to be when things changed with the show. It must have difficult for both actors.

    • JM


      ‘Maybe it’s his approach to acting, the character, or maybe it’s just his approach to life’

      It’s called a real (acting) talent. This is what allows you to develop and become exceptional after you put enough effort and work into it.

  33. Kristy

    I forgot to mention that I thought Mark Pellegrino was outstanding as Lucifer. After Mark I wasn’t expecting anyone to match him.

  34. I

    So much drama over something that is so obvious to anyone who watches Supernatural . Sure, the form wasn’t the most elegant one, but the content is not controversial at all. Maybe except the part about Jensen not being a good actor before Supernatural. Mr Woods. I recommend for example just one episode of James Cameron’s Dark Angel (Berrisford Agenda) and I don’t know.. a nice anecdote about Jensen by one of House (and many other shows) writers: http://tightropegirl.livejournal.com/2005/08/18/.
    Oh, and welcome to the fandom.

    • Rachel

      I pointed him to Polo Loco and DA season 2 (Berrisford Agenda specifically). Jensen walked in talented, I think that he didn’t think so was the thing I disagreed with most. LOL.

  35. Obnoxious Blond

    Whoa, SPN fandom certainly outdid itself this time, drama-wise. Anywho, I certainly enjoyed your article, keep up the good stuff.

  36. bgeesfan


    I read your first article and I also read this response to the comments posted about the first article. I applaud your writing of this second article as a response to the comments; I think that shows a tremendous amount of bravery in the face of one of the most rabid fandoms out there today. However, the response does have me confused.

    In your second article you say, “the character of Sam is in a lot of ways why I watch Supernatural. He’s been such a layered character. He never knew his mother and grew up feeling detached from his family as he longed for a normal life. Of course, he couldn’t have that because of his destiny—something he wanted no part of. He’s experienced phenomenal growth and expansion as a character throughout the series. Some of the themes Sam faces are universal and one of the principally engaging aspects of the series.” Here’s where my confusion comes into play. The writers can only write so much on the page. It takes an actor of incredible talent to make you SEE all these layers and growth. It’s not just the writing.

    I will admit, I’ve had some difficulties with S6. The first two episodes were challenging for me. As the season has gone on and we’ve seen Sam soulless and watched Jared’s portrayal of him, my admiration for Jared has grown. Here’s a character who has worn his heart on his sleeve for the last 5 years. Now, suddenly, he’s emotionless, unfeeling, uncaring about anyone, including the brother who gave up his own childhood to raise him. I also found Jared’s portrayal of Lucifer in 5.04 to be amazing. I see Jared as an incredibly talented actor who has the ability to take a single character and show many different facets of that character from single-minded, to despondent, to evil, to emotionless as he’s been throughout this sixth season. His acting abilities, I think, are incredible and bear in mind, this show only has two stars. Jared and Jensen. Consequently, both work 16 hour days THEN have to go home and learn lines and marks and everything else. It wouldn’t surprise me if they put in 60+ hours weekly since the show began in 2005.

    I am neither a “Sam-girl” nor a “Dean-girl.” I love both characters equally and the same goes for the actors who portray them. J2 (as Jared and Jensen are collectively known as in the Fandom) have brought something to this show which I don’t think any other actor pairing could have. This show’s primary focus has always been on family and, more specifically, the brothers and their relationship. From the beginning, J2 have had a chemistry on screen which is unparalleled. I have never seen anything like what they have brought to this show. They make you believe they are truly brothers. Their emotions are so real it can sink you to the depths of despair or to the highest of highs. I can’t count the number of times I have sobbed, screamed, clapped, cheered, yelled, and given the finger to my television set because of something on Supernatural. No other show that I have watched with the fervor I watch Supernatural has ever, EVER affected me the way Supernatural has.

    In closing, I’d like to commend you for writing the second article and I do believe that we are all entitled to our own opinions, I just happen to emphatically disagree with your opinion that the character of Sam was miscast. I don’t think Mr. Kripke could have possibly found two better actors to portray Sam and Dean than Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. I’d also like to compliment you on your bravery. It takes someone with a lot of courage to write an article criticizing any aspect of Supernatural. We are a very rabid, very vocal, very opinionated fandom. We are also fiercely loyal to our beloved J2 and our beloved Supernatural and any criticism, no matter how it was meant, can bring out the worst in all of us.


  37. czed

    I agree with you on Katie Cassidy as the better Ruby. She built “Rubys'” character to a very good villain/hero for the series. And Genevieve just picked up from there, though for my opinion a poor one. As for Jared’s acting, he may be the weak one of the two main characters, but I saw his skills improve when he was given a mettier role, re: swan song: season 5 episode 22. And from there he evolved further in season 6. Jenses Ackles has always have the better range of the two characters to explore. This is my opinion as a fan.

    • herb

      I found Jared is better at certain roles than others. In the Christmas Cottage he did a very good job. I think that is the type of acting. In Supernatural, which I love, certain episodes he did very well. Born under a bad sign was a real hit. He nailed it. He fluctuates too much with his acting ability. Jensen is better at the comedy aspect then Jared. In the Mystery Spot I felt Jensen was great with the comedy but lacking at the dramatic. I didn’t care for Cortese as Ruby she couldn’t pull off the villain like Cassidy did. I felt she was miscast.

  38. Katie B

    You have done precious little in your second article to justify the overly cruel and downright accusational first. Implying that an actor indulges in substance abuse is not just wrong it’s downright liable. You say you were ‘joking’ but forgive me for not realizing that since the tone of the piece was hardly jovial to me. It felt abusive and unsubstantiated.

    I am not one of these fans who feels the need to comment on every little critique of a show or a character, you are completely within your right to dislike a show or actor what you are not within your right to do is make liabous claims, be so overtly cruel and state what is merely your opinion as if it was fact.

    I’m not surprised you’ve had so many comments. As many of us who watch this show religiously watch for Padalecki and the bond between the brothers, if as you suggest someone else had been cast in the role of Sam, do you genuinely thing Ackles would have got alone with them like he does Padalecki who was groomsman at his wedding? I highly doubt that and therefore the core reason all fans watch, the brothers close relationship would have been distinctly unbelievable. I buy Jared and Jensen completely and wholly as Sam and Dean, and the bond between the Winchesters keeps me coming week after week.

    I personally am not Ackles number 1 fan but i would never write something like this, I also truly appreciate him at times. I couldn’t watch a show if i disliked an actor as intensely as you seem to dislike Padalecki. I’m sure you’ve got your excitement out of the fact you’ve got some attention from the original cruel piece. Your five minutes of fame i’m sure is worth it to you. However I would definitely ask whether you genuinely believe if Jensen had been given the role of demon blood addicted, power wielding, apocalypse bringer you’d have really brought him in such a stretch of a storyline. My real problem has never been with the actors but with the writing. Seasons 1 and 2 and even 3 the boys seemed to truly believe what they were playing, they believed Sam and Dean, now I feel like maybe they don’t know anymore. Ackles hasn’t been as good since seasons 1-3 and seems to be lost in his current limbo of Dean in real life with Lisa and still demon hunter, he doesn’t seem to buy it. Padalecki has been written as Sam who consistently is the one in the wrong, making mistakes and lying, it’s hard to associate with either character anymore.

    What i’m trying to say is go watch something else Jared’s been in, or merely Seasons 1-3 again before you judge so harshly. It’s not like he’s even been allowed to play Sam yet this season, for up to the episode out in January he’s been playing a Sam without a soul, how the heck do you claim to know how someone should act someone without a soul.

    I didn’t appreciate your piece to be honest, either one and I wish I hadn’t read them because it just made people angry. You got your five minutes of notoriety and no doubt this hurt Jared or people close to him. So yeah good for you, hope you feel proud of yourself buddy.

    • Jason Woods


      Jared Padalecki is an actor. If he can’t take someone criticizing his performance, he is not long of this industry. I would wager the chances of this even reaching Padalecki or anyone remotely affiliated it, let alone bothering them at all, somewhere in the realm of a 7-8 divisional champion unseating a defending super bowl champion.

      • Katie B

        I’d hope they never saw it but when you get linked to sites who knows who can read it, we know the writers do.

        I think it’s pretty sad if you can’t say anything good about a show you call yourself a ‘fan’ of. I wouldn’t be watching a show if i disliked a lead as intensely as you do Jason. I’d go watch another show you can critique and not anger most of the fanbase.

  39. Amber

    I haven’t yet read your previous article so this comment is based solely on this one (though I think I did hear some reverberations as a result of your article elsewhere!).
    Thanks for writing this one to put the record straight. I am an avid fan of the show but that doesn’t mean I can’t see that it sometimes has flaws – whether it be in performances or the writing. I actually don’t agree with you about Jared’s acting performances growing weaker as the seasons have progressed, but I can see why you might think so. I also loved his performances as Lucifer – at least I loved his performance in The End; I was less comfortable with his scene in Swan Song where he acted with himself/Sam – I felt there he was almost parodying his Samifer from The End instead of developing it further. But the scene in Stull Cemetary brought me back into it – maybe because there he was acting against other people (including Jensen/Dean) and not alone.
    I will go back and read your previous article, but I can’t imagine that you would have written anything that would deserve the kind of rabid responses that you seem to have garnered. I admit I am totally gobsmacked at times by the vitriol and wierd ‘loyalty’ of some fans – there are certainly people out there who have no sense of proportion and react completely without restraint and that this kind of behaviour is seen as somehow acceptable because it is online and virtual.
    Well we have all seen only this week how this kind of thinking can erupt into real life, so while we might laugh it off here, we should not have to tolerate it.

    • Katie B

      I find it humorous that you accuse the fans of vitriol. When you write an article implying drug use and basically criticizing half the reason a fanbase watch a show then you’re going to invoke this kind of reaction. How can we NOT defend the show we’re so passionate about. Granted death threats are ridiculous but passion, vitriol, i’m proud of that passion from our fans. This show garners it.

  40. .

    I think your article is full of contradictions. Anyhow, I do not agree with anything you said. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are the most underrated actors since 2005. And even if they sucked so ba d (like you said, whether it’s when they first started or after), they are still better than anyone in the CW right now. And that’s just my opinion.

  41. CastielLovesDean

    You’re totally right. There’s a lot of animosity in the SPN fandom. Fangirls will misinterpret things you write and sometimes even put words in your mouth. As a fanfic writer, I’ve gotten just a small taste of what you experienced with that last post. (Though, I don’t get nearly the traffic you do – perhaps I’ve been fortunate in that regard.)

    I hope you have better luck in the future getting your readers to read what you write, not what they think you meant. Though I doubt that’ll happen. :-/


    • Hayden

      Your name alone says it all you love Castiel and Dean, I can only imagine your response if this was about the painfully one note Castiel and his actor Misha Collins, I bet you’d be symathetic then. Not.

      • CastielLovesDean

        Actually, if you bothered to read my ‘name,’ you’d notice it says that I think Castiel loves Dean, as in I’m a fan of Destiel. That’s Dean/Castiel slash. Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t know me well enough to hypothesize whether or not I’d be sympathetic to someone who thought Misha Collins was a bad actor. But then, there’s that “Fangirls will … put words in your mouth” thing I was talking about. Way to be a stereotype.

      • KadyM

        Ph of course… because it’s perfectly OK for you to diss Misha Collins’ acting but it’s not OK for someone else to diss Jared Padalecki’s. Why am I not surprised?

  42. Hayden

    You’re not a ‘fan’ if you were you wouldn’t have written this. You’re a critic. And a personal attacking one at that.

    Shame, this show needs more good press. It makes me sad to see this kind of press get so many hits. I disagree with everything too. Jared excells himself as Sam every single week. And the day he goes I go and a vast majority of this show’s audience too.

    • cracked

      If fans continue making death threats whenever they come across a opinion they disagree with, the show is not going to get any press at all. There’s a reason why One of the TVGuide Matt’s labeled us Sup-Nazis.

  43. Ann

    I read your article yesterday, to say the least, I was not Impressed. I felt It was a personal attack on his character on and off the screen, you say your a “fan” but your article contradicts this, I did not comment yesterday because I was so displeased and I felt you were so off base, I figured why waste my time this is bullcrap, calling SN fans “Crazy” is ridiculous! the internet is filled with useless articles like this to perpetrate one’s dissatisfaction of self, I think jealousy and envy can bring the worst out of us as it obviously did with you, your lonely and pathetic and frankly, I feel sorry for you that you don’t have a life of your own and feel the need to spew this hatred for attention!!! well I guess your goal was accomplished!

  44. Annie

    I did reply to yesterday’s article and disagreed with everything you said. I would never reduce myself to personal insults or death threats and your current article tells me how alarmed you might have been by them.

    If you write such a piece then you must expect people to come here and defend the person (in this case Jared) who cannot defend themselves. Yes – as an actor he should expect some criticsism but your article went beyond that and descended into personal attack. You cannot possibly say it was not Jensen v Jared (Dean v Sam) as you used the former as a comparason to the latter. If you had concentrated on what you did not like about Jared’s acting then your denial would have rung true.

    Obviously people will also agree with you and so it should be. Everyone is different and everyone’s opinions are different too. I clearly do not see what you see – but hear this – I am no loon – nor am I a childish fangirl – I am a media studies graduate who has read film and tv for years, I like to think I know a thing or two about good and bad acting and I totally disagree with you about Jared – he is an excellent actor and – I believe – has a long future ahead of him.

    I hope you do not get anymore death threats but I do hope you will think about some of the things you have said about Jared and his acting and realise that – maybe – just maybe – you were wrong.

  45. Jim

    I for one appreciate your second piece in response to the response you received. I wrote a couple of the “shame on you” comments. Ironically, I agreed with your underlying subject. I too got interested in the series largely because of Sam’s story. I don’t think Padalecki has lived up to the great promise he showed in seasons 1-3. However, there are some logical reasons to explain that. The shift in season 4 to Dean and the myth arc left Sam with little to do. Sam has been written inconsistently in 4 and 5. Jared went after the Conan role and bulked up and may have been less interested in his tv role. He’s said he did not want to do a retread of Buffy–which arguably Supernatural has become. I think had you posed a question of why in your opinion Padalecki seems to have been less than the promising actor he was in the first 3 seasons, you would have gotten some interesting and intelligent responses from people who like the actor and want to see him flourish. While Supernatural has some real crazies in the fandom, it also generates some of the most thoughtful and intelligent discussions you’ll find about a US television series. Instead you took cheap shots and offered simplistic put downs on his acting. You set the tone and lack of intellectual level for the “discussion.” You really should take responsibility for that rather than blaming the Supernatural fans who responded in kind. And, I do think Jared has been great as soulless Sam and is doing his best work in 3 years.

  46. Francy

    ok everyone has an opinion about the show and sam/jared padalecki witch can be negative or postive..my opnion is…i thin jared played sam very good..i think jared is a really good actor..and i love him in every ……part of the show..i love him played sam and i love him out of the show as “jared padalecki” i think he is a really sweet guy..and i dont wanna say if jensen is better than him, or jared is better than jensen..no! both they’re are a very good actor with so much talent…of course i prefert “sam” in the show” and i love “jared” out of the show..and of course jared padalecki he’s my favorite actor..and if his happy with somenthing im happy for him too…i dont care if another person dont like him..or dont like his role in the show..i love him and i like him in the show! this is my opinion..and will be forever my opinion.

    • Becky Schofield

      As someone who took your first article for what it was- a critic’s opinion of a t.v. show actor’s performance- my original post still stands- Dean/Jensen has had better story lines, therefore better acting opportunities.
      As far as your second article- I personally am not *crazy*, though yes, some of these rabid fans may be. But I would like to strongly disagree with your rating of the seasons. You put 3 last? THe season with the Christmas episode? Huh?
      The character of Sam finally starting to realize how much he needed his brother was an emotional turning point for those of us who find the relationship the most pivotal part of the show, as opposed to the monster of the week.
      And yes, I may be a girl, but I am not a crazy slash supernatural fan…

      • pathofclouds

        Agree. The season with the Christmas episode. That continues to be my fav episode even today.
        I am not extremely fond of season 4 Sam, but that has something to do with his character, so this means he did a good job, no?

  47. Maggie

    Huh. Jason, if you can’t stand the heat, maybe you should get out of the kitchen.

    I think the reaction to your first article was because you didn’t qualify your fairly vitriolic comments with any kind of appreciation for Sam, the character or Padalecki, the actor. Instead, you just praised the other main character and put him up on a pedestal of superiority.

    Not what you did, you say? Read the article again, or get a fresh view from somoene who isn’t a fan.

    I like both Sam and Dean, and the reason the show works is because of the way they play off one antoher. The “flaws” you see in the way Sam is portrayed are written sin the script, are guided by directors, are interpreted by the actors and are–lastly-finalized by the editors. It’s a team of people who create what’s on screen, not just one person. And you ignored that fact.

    Your title was selected to incite, and you’re surprised that it happened?

    Frankly, your article came off as if you were a jealous fanboy, writing from his mother’s basement. And that didn’t help your case with readers. I’m not suprised that they came out in droves. Maybe they’re not as articulate as you think you are, but they certainly put their hearts into their rebuttals!

    This article? Is a step in the right direction. But I still suggest you rewatch the show and realize that the Sam you see on screen is the Sam the production team wants you to see. Maybe you don’t like it, but if you hate the portrayal so much, maybe you should go watch another show.

    • I will speak my mind

      ‘The “flaws” you see in the way Sam is portrayed are written sin the script, are guided by directors, are interpreted by the actors and are–lastly-finalized by the editors. It’s a team of people who create what’s on screen, not just one person. And you ignored that fact.’

      How about:

      ‘The “flaws” you see in the way /Paris Hilton’s character in every movie ever/ is portrayed are written sin the script, are guided by directors, are interpreted by the actors and are–lastly-finalized by the editors. It’s a team of people who create what’s on screen, not just one person. And you ignored that fact.’

      That excuse just doesn’t hold up. Sometimes production could’ve done a better job at prepping the actor. And back in reality, most of the time an actor did a bad or good job at his or her performance, and have mostly themselves to blame for it.

      And ‘jealous fanboy, writing from his mother’s basement’? Um…no. How about a man with an opinion. Please, let’s not resort to name calling.

      But if that’s the way we’re going, then stop making lame excuses and expecting journalists to qualify their arguments when you obviously don’t, you overbearing, middle-aged hag.

  48. Barbara M

    First off, I want to apologize on behalf of the fandom who still retains its common sense. Yes, we are all devoted to and very protective of Supernatural, however, we also know not everyone likes it. It’s a shame, and a travesty, but we accept that. You have provided an insight that is not new, but that doesn’t warrant the shameful behavior of a few nut-jobs in the fandom. Unfortunately, there are those who take the show just a tad too seriously (I’m guilty of a tattoo and book/trading card/magazine collection), and may do something stupid like threaten the life of a critic. I wish I could wave a magic wand, make all of this go away, and apply a common sense cream to everyone to fix the stupid. But alas, this is not possible.

    For future fandoms: RELAX, IT’S JUST A SHOW!!!!

  49. Donna

    Stick to your guns Jason. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t apologize for your opinion.
    Oh, FYI, EDG means Evil Dean Gurl.

  50. Greg

    Had never heard of either one of these guys before this show. I think Ackles has always been the stronger actor. The writing for this show has always been, at best, inconsistent, as regards everything, including ALL the characters, IMO. Ackles just makes it work better and that’s what makes him better-again IMO.

  51. Me.

    Okey-dokey. Here’s my (unsolicited) opinion as someone who read this article before the first, and is a major fan of the show.

    First off, when expressing criticism on something that spawns cult-fandom always be prepared for backlash. Diehard fans will defend all of their favorite aspects, right or wrong, to the death. It’s to be expected, sadly. Example: you wouldn’t walk into a group of teeny-bopper Twihards and start criticizing Edward/Pattinson and Jacob/Lautner unless you had a death wish, whether or not your points were just. Supernatural is a different story, but it doesn’t mean the fandom is any less devoted. I’m a fan, I LOVE me some Supernatural, but never really understood people who took their fandom to this obsessive level that incites you to make death threats on anyone whose opinion differs from yours.  

    Defend/Support your favorites, yes, but there is a line. And those who respond to a criticism/attack of one character/actor with their own attack (and I do mean attack, I read some of the comments) of the other, stop being hypocrites, or you automatically revoke the right of having your comment being counted as a valid argument. You’re doing the same exact thing you are complaining this guy is doing. What makes it right now? Also, how great a guy Jared Padalecki is/isn’t holds no weight in how well/poorly he portrays a character. 

    That being said, and I mean no offense, but the preceding article about Padalecki’s acting (in)abilities (note before attack: referencing the article, NOT stating my opinion at all as to whether or not he can act.) seems to have been poorly thought out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as if it was a onetime draft—thought out, typed up, with no further follow up before posting. (kinda like this comment.  🙂 PS that reminds me, as inconsequential as it is, at one point you used ‘four’ for ‘for’. Just saying) It was set up fairly solidly, I thought, talking about how you felt about the characters in the early years of the show, etc. However, the delivery of the ‘critique’ portion, was a bit…shall we say…over enthusiastic? in the dismissal of Jared’s acting chops. 

    By definition, a criticism is by no means favorable, but when you are trying to “raise questions and provoke intelligent debate”, how you portray those negatives is just as important for your audience as how an actor portrays their character. The wrong choice of wording, misplaced ‘jokes’, and seeming juvenile denunciation can aid I’m losing your audience, and turn them into a bunch of rabid protesters. In trying to insight an ongoing conversation (my old English professor would be proud…) it is your job to ensure your readers can see mutiple sides to the conversation without jumping from one extreme to another. THIS article, as a companion to the other, I think aids that, however certain aspects should have been included, or omitted from the first article to begin with, before it was released to the public. 

    (Digs on Padalecki’s  muscle mass, for example, are about as important as how lovely a person he is, in regards to whether or not he is the ‘right Sam for Sam.’ Sure, in some roles, body type is important, however, if it were here, it would have been so since the beginning of the show, or written in as a detail and mentioned IN THE SHOW.)

  52. Fossil

    I empathize with you for speaking your mind openly and you have the right to do so. It is constructive for the producer of the show. There are people in my office here who voiced the same opinion in the past about Jared (that tall other actor, how they put it). And believe us, we are not in the age to be crazy about handsome children. Having said that, he (Jared) is not without merit as an actor. Only I agree with you that Jensen is due his recognition.

    Also I think it is very silly for people to be bombarding you with hate mails.

  53. RESI

    Good for you speaking your mind…….stick to it. I agree….it is just a show, relax!

  54. Joan

    I’m sorry that you’ve been criticized (death threats! Geez) for your previous post criticizing Jared’s acting. It’s not too surprising that people with certain instabilities or fixations might flock to this particular show and feel particulary possessive and protective. Heck, I’ve taken time to search the internet to find info about SPN, found your article and feel compelled to comment back – what does that tell you about me!
    Fans appreciate the show, the characters, and even the actors. Some more extreme members of the SPN fan base probably love Jared and Jason to death (let’s hope not!). Guess you’ve got a taste of what those guys put up with all the time. In that light, I’m sure your criticism gets a sigh of relief from the actors concerned (If I may imagine what Jared might say after reading your article – “Thank God! No death threat for bad acting!”). So, you crazy SPN fans, CHILL OUT and enjoy the show for what it is, just a show.
    Mr. Woods, I admit to doubts about the casting of lead characters of the show, especially early on. However, as the show has developed, so has the relationship between the characters of Sam and Dean. Good writing, directing, and acting has a lot to do with it – but there’s an undeniable chemistry between the two lead characters/actors that makes it work. That, and the ambitious story arcs, keeps me coming back.
    As for Padalecki’s acting, it’s grown on me as well. I think the choice to play the devil with less chill was a good one. Pellegrino was a great devil, truly – but I have to admit, it was only when Sam is possessed by the devil that he seems comfortable in his own skin, a subtle but chilling change that didn’t escape my notice. Pelligrino played a truly evil, twisted, eye-catching devil, but Padalecki’s version of Sam/devil seemed more like a, well, smug lawyer. Fitting, do you think? I sure thought so.
    Good luck with your commentary – you certainly opened up a can of worms with the last two! It’ll settle down soon, never fear – but you might want to consider being a little more diplomatic about this stuff (which really doesn’t matter a whit, really, but go figure that folks can get so torn up over nothing) next time. Or not. After all, I’ve certainly enjoyed putting in my two cents . . .

    • gnob

      “Some more extreme members of the SPN fan base probably love Jared and Jason to death (let’s hope not!).”


      Who’s Jason? T.T

      I know, I know, slip of the keyboard. I’m just messing. Well. At least half of me is. The other half is crying in the corner.

  55. meg

    I’m really embarrassed as a SPN fan that you felt the need to write this second article. Sorry you got jumped on by some really over the top ridiculous fans.

  56. JJ

    I’ve watched Supernatural since it’s beginning. While I admit that it’s had it’s ups and downs I do still believe in the show. Jared Padalecki’s performance as Lucifer was superb last year in my opinion. He emulated the actor that played Lucifer quite well. As for his performance all around, I get that some of Jared’s facial expressions were a bit off during season 5 but I think that might have something to do with unexpected weight gain which he has since lost and looks great in season 6. Season 6 was painfully confusing to me. I feel that episodes 1, 4, 6, 10, and 11 were the best of the season and the other episodes were not necessary. I feel that Jensen and Jared’s performance has rarely waivered. The storylines can sometimes go caca and I blame Sera Gamble all heartedly for this. Genevieve Cortese did a superb job as Ruby. It saddened me that they didn’t keep her around though I’m happy to hear she returns this season playing herself.

  57. Beth Ungar

    Wow, Jason. I am very surprised that you are in the entertainment industry, have been a fan of the show since the beginning, and expected differently from the fans with their reaction to your previous article.

    Have you never heard of Comic Con? Have you never wondered how “Supernatural” could win all of those online polls beating out shows that have twice, three times and sometimes four times as many fans watching them on a weekly basis per the Nielsen ratings? These fans are perhaps the most loyal out there in TV-land. To think that you could criticize one of the lead roles in this show and NOT get a death threat or two is extremely naive. Believe me, I do not condone such behavior or words, but it is not unexpected.

    Having watched the show since day one and never having missed an episode (and seen many multiple times), I respectfully disagree with your assessment of JP’s acting. In fact, his portrayal of a soulless Sam has genuinely creeped me out; like I get a chill sometimes from his expressions. I’ve never seen another actor portray someone without a soul, so I can’t compare it to anything, but I think he has nailed it.

    In fact, I think this season has allowed both lead actors to really show off their acting chops, where they have literally reversed roles in their portrayals of the characters. Dean is now the one with heart and concern for others’ feelings. Sam is the one who wants to get the job done regardless of collateral damage. Watch the first season and it is a complete reversal in roles.

    If I was going to be critical of the show, I would focus that criticism on the writers and creative minds behind it. Some of these storylines have really been over the top, and I think the writers have always pushed JP and JA to their limits. I think the boys have done a great job with what they have been given. But of course I am not a critic, and I am not in the entertainment industry, and lastly I am an eternal optimist. In my little world Katherine Heigl would still be playing Isabel Evans in “Roswell”, Jensen Ackles would still be playing Alec in “Dark Angel”, and Alex O’Loughlin would still be a vampire on “Moonlight”.

    So although I read your articles and have heard your argument, I have to respectfully disagree with about 90 percent of what you stated. Obviously I get a lot more pleasure out of the show than you do, but I am happy you will continue watching it, despite the awkward facial expressions and Jared’s inflated physique. Personally, that physique is something that keeps me coming back for more!

  58. Greg

    “Watch the first season and it is a complete reversal in roles.”

    Not in my viewpoint. Not in the least. And that’s the problem for me. Enough with this “pseudo” role reversal this season that has taken too much from the Dean character(who has been shaped and molded more by Ackles than the writing, IMO) w/o giving him anything comparable in return.

  59. Ruth

    Jason huh… I thought Jensen was good as Jason and I really didnt care how that affected Lana cause for me it was alll Jason soo yaa..
    I still think Jared did a fantastic job in season 5 and as Lucifer..
    and just as a precaution watch out with watch u say nxt time cause we Supernatural fans are very protective about the show and the boys.. im just glad you didnt say anything about Jensen or Misha then i wuld have sooo exploded !
    soo yaa just be careful when u choose ur words again..

    • pathofclouds

      Jared was great as Lucifer, and now as Robo Sam. I may not be a fancy critic, just an average viewer, but collectively it’s the viewers’ opinions that count. To say he is not a good actor makes me wonder what your definition of a good actor is. I love Jensen/Dean more, but that article on Jared was at times totally baseless.
      Anyway that’s your opinion, if you really know about the show and its fanbase you obviously had to expect the backlash. Yes we have some crazies, sorry for the threats you got from them. I agree with some points, I am sure J2 also appreciate constructive criticism, but you were too harsh on Jared/Sam.
      There is always scope for improvement, but after playing the role of the conflicted Sam for so many episodes, he had to be play a completely different character, Lucifer, and now in season 6 too. No character in Spn had to show such range, play characters besides their usual ones for a considerable amount of time. It may not have been perfect, but it was good. How can you not see it?

  60. Sacha

    Unfortunately Supernatural has a large percentage of batshit crazy fangirls. They’re just sad and pathetic. Don’t let them get to you.

  61. Rachel

    Oh did you step in it. Oops. But sense you stay away from fan sights you didn’t know, I am only on a the edges of the fandom myself and totally ignore the Jared vs Jensen, Sam vs Dean crap because really it’s crap.

    I do think Jared is the weaker actor out of the two, but unlike you I think he was worse at the start and like Ackles has only grown into his own skin as an actor. He used to throw me out of the scenes more with an overdone facial expression, he does that much less now.

    What I want to say to you is you need to go watch Jensen Ackles Dark Angel episodes (one episode titled Polo Loco in the first season) then his run on its second season(especially The Berrisford Agenda), so you realize that he walked into Supernatural an already doing layered and amazing performances when giving great material. He had no material on Dawson’s Creek, and they kept changing the way the wrote his character on Smallville. In Supernatural, Jensen’s only gotten better but he started pretty damn good, so I disagree with that too.

    And while I can’t totally disagree with you on Jared Padalecki, I do think you were way to harsh and he’s has improved greatly and that you did cross a line with the implication he was taking something to gain his widened muscles (also you should note when SPN started Jared was still pretty much a growing boy, now he’s grown man.)

    I think both of them are amazing however and Jared is especially brilliant at comedy.

  62. Nacho Mamma

    Is there beano for verbal flatulence? If I find out I’ll send you some.

  63. Kristy

    Dear Jason,

    You have every right to your opinions. I didn’t agree with everything in your articles. But I understand that you’re a big fan of Supernatural, you have very strong views, and like everyone else, you have a right to your own opinions.

  64. sula

    I agree with all of what you said, Jared Padalecki is a hideous actor. He just provokes the hidden maternal instinct in most women and that’s why they worship him. He has been more than lucky IMHO to land the role of Sam, it’s so big a role for a guy with his modest acting abilities. But unfortunately we, viewers, are not that lucky to have him as a lead for a great show as Supernatural

  65. Hannah

    I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but what alot of you don’t seem to understand is that to us diehard fans, Supernatural isn’t just a show. Its more like a lifestyle. And i actually take pride in how crazy we are, it just shows how much devotion we have for SPN. I’ll admit that im one of those really crazy and really obsessed fans and i don’t appreciate being called sad and pathetic (referencing a few other comments). I have a life, despite what you may think, I just choose to have most of it revolve around the show.
    Also no offense, but you can’t just call into question the acting skills of a main character in a show with a cult following and not expect a major backlash.
    Additionally (speaking to other commenters) if you claim to be a true SPN fan then insult other fans of the show, i don’t believe you are a true fan. You may watch the show and like it, but you’re basically “saving yourself” and leaving everyone else out to dry. Yes, there are some fans that take it too far, but they have a right to do that and I will stand by that right.

    • You Crazy

      You aren’t a true fan if you insult other fans. Because we fans have to stick together. Because we like the same TV show. Yeah!

      Christ, if I’ve ever heard a better excuse for herd behavior….

      You have a right to be a fan that takes it too far, and I think that’s enough reason for me to express my right to insult you. Because. Come on. You take it too far. Big f’ing duh.

  66. NJ

    I have started seeing Supernatural only in the last few months. Still not seen season 7 as am just finishing season 6.
    I read both your articles. Actually I agree that Jared Padalecki outdid Jenson Ackles in the first 2 seasons of the show. Later, Jenson sort of caught up with him and I think that’s great. What I don’t agree is that Jared did badly in the other seasons. I think that as the story went on the writers gave Dean the meatier parts. Yes, there were episodes where I felt Jared could have done better, but then there were episodes where Jenson could have done better. I did not like Jared’s portrayal of soul-less Sam and I blame the director for this, not Jared. Jared is a very talented actor.

  67. Sami

    I thought the previous article would raise controversy as soon as I saw it.

    You are definitely a fan even if you don’t interact with the “fandom”, aka the rest of the fans who have formed a community

    With some exceptions, the Supernatural fandom is largely aggressive, possessive and kinda weird.

    I won’t even go into the strange things Misha Collins has his fans doing.

    But I wanted to say I wholeheartedly agreed with everything the previous article said – in my opinion, Season 1 Jensen was not as great an actor as season 1 Jared, and as the seasons continued the tables turned. I don’t know when it happened but it did, to the point where *spoilers* Lucifer Sam just looked like normal Sam. All this even though Jared is pretty great an actor as Dean from GG. I don’t actually remember him in House of Wax, but he was also pretty OK in Friday the 13th.

    What I’m trying to say is, he’s a good actor, just not that good as Sam Winchester anymore.

    (And I’m sorry the fandom got wind of you.)

  68. Filipe Eleal

    Please Reply my Comment If You See This… Man You made ??a big mistake saying that:

    We now have to follow this ridiculous soullessness plot, which has only highlighted Padalecki’s flaws even further. If you watch the episode “Live Free or TwiHard,” you see Sam in the background cunningly allowing his brother to be turned into a vampire. This should be some diabolical and sinister look; instead it’s painful; Padelecki seems like he’s viewing some kind of fetishistic porn.

    Everyone I Say EVERYONE who have Watched The Complete Season 6 Know what he looked that way because he was without Soul and did not care for his brother and not because he is a Bad Actor

  69. Jason is a loser

    I’m very sorry you consider yourself an actual writer.

  70. Ree B.

    Greetings Jason & everyone, first off I’d like to say that there is absolutely no need to be so harsh to each other. OK, so I’m a big fan of Supernatural, I love Jensen, I love Dean and stuff. Of course I sometimes feel this urge to defend Jensen/Dean/SPN considering I’ve never been very emotionally invested in a TV show before I watched SPN. I enjoy Supernatural, but I also enjoy movies and TV shows. And critics are a part of this cinematic life. Now we should be aware that critics are always arguable, and it’s entirely your choice whether or not to concur with opinions expressed in a critic. Personally, I always try to distinguish between affection-towards-a-fanaticness-object aka subjectivity and objectivity. Can be hard, I know, but hey.

    So. I think Jensen Ackles is by no means a bad actor. Quite the contrary, I think he’s very good at channeling his many faces & micro-expressions. At this point I’m gonna say that I agree with Jason – Jensen’s portrayal of Dean was at best above average in the first season until second season’s 2nd half (I thought he was amazing in All Hell Breaks Loose 1). But he learned fast and he grew immensely as an actor as Dean’s character developed. I think Dean often comes out more as a grumpy, worn-out hero than a multi-layered cool badass ever since season 6 started, but every actor has their own ups and downs and overall I guess Jensen has done his part pretty well.

    I’ve watched some of Jensen’s other works, anyway, including Ten Inch Hero. I must say his other performances don’t satisfy me as much as his portrayal of Dean Winchester satisfies me. It would be fair to say that Jensen has come to embrace Dean as his somewhat ‘alter-ego’, given the amount of time he spends with the character, and that helps his acting range. Nonetheless, who knows what might’ve happened had he chosen another path – to pursue acting in movies rather than TV shows, for instance? We know he’s a fast learner and he gives his all in his every job.

    About Jared Padalecki… I also thought he could’ve done better. There’s so much of Sam’s personality that he can explore. In my opinion Jensen’s acting is better than Sam, although Jared has his own share of great scenes. It’s just the fact that Jared doesn’t use as much subtlety as Jensen does, and he doesn’t use as much expressions as Dean does. Sam’s personality is simpler than Dean, you say. Doesn’t mean Jared can’t vary Sam’s expressions or body languages (another thing Jensen is good at displaying). NOT that Jared is a terrible actor. He just doesn’t get attach that easily, unlike Jensen. And this may be good for him. This makes it easier for him to play different roles in different projects. Another way to say, Jared is more versatile. Now Jensen, once he’s attached to one project, he’d be astonishingly good, but it’s harder for him to settle in other projects (especially short-term ones) because he likes it better to fully comprehend his character so that he can deliver it perfectly. Jensen is more total, he’s a perfectionist.

    Supernatural is a good show about two brothers, and I’m grateful Jared & Jensen has a great chemistry. I cannot imagine the brothers played by another actors. Because these two are complementary to each other’s performance.

    Jason, it’s not wrong to write your objective opinions; people, it’s not wrong for you guys to be devoted to Supernatural. Peace out.

  71. elDragonata

    This is perhaps the most embarrassing and cringe-making comments section I’ve ever read. Also, I’m even more embarrassed by the behaviour of some of the commenters, particularly those insulting the author of the article in an effort to a) protect someone that doesn’t even know them and most likely doesn’t give two donkeys about them on an individual basis and b) feel better about themselves. Because, as we know, a person who attacks someone personally for sharing the very thing that person’s sharing – an opinion – is not at all weak-minded or a hypocrite. I acted more maturely while a zygote.

    Then some of you wonder why people consider this particular fan circle insane…

  72. Laina

    You NAILED it about Katie Cassidy being a much better actress. I had assumed Cortese was Jared’s girlfriend and that is WHY they changed Rubys . As for Jensen and Jared…though Ackles looks younger he is older and perhaps the more experienced actor. The COMEDY of the show is brilliant brilliant. Ackles has timing, expressions and the best lines and delivery. Beyond words. Dean gets the best lines with no argument. Perhaps because of the whole personality of his role . Sam is the moral compass in some ways and the gentler of the two as his character. They can’t be the same. Would be unbalanced.
    I got hooked on the clever humor of SN, love Jim Beaver as Bobby. Mischa is a scream. I laugh to tears at so much of it. And that is meant in the best way . There will never ever be anything that compares to SN. I’m 57 and I feel past old enough to give qualified opinions.

  73. Ed Tuo

    i came here by googling “Jared Padalecki is a bad actor,” and then clicking a link saying the article has been updated. i am a big fan of supernatural, and have watched it since its first episode. didn’t really pay attention to the acting at the beginning because, frankly, the show is not really about that. but the longer i’ve watched the more i’ve noticed jared’s shortcomings. i gather he took acting lessons before he began his career but with all the money he has made i think he would do himself a great favor if he took more acting lessons or changed teachers. he is absolutely the most embarrassing when he’s supposed to be in pain. ach. jensen does a perfectly decent job and is gorgeous regardless of the angle. i can see them both as their characters, and i don’t think they are phoning it in. they each probably never have to work another day in their lives with what they’ve made on the show but i think jared might have more of a career if he ramped up the acting 100%. still a fan and prolly will be til the end, but i wish more for both actors. it has bothered me enough to say something, tho.

    • Ed Tuo

      (this has nothing to do with how i feel about jared as a person. from what i’ve seen of him (i’ve followed his career since gilmour girls, just as i’ve followed jensen since dark angel and supernatural), jared comes across as a wonderful sensitive guy, and he & jensen seem to have morphed into brothers IRL.)

      • Ed Tuo

        sh*t — why can’t we edit stuff midstream. i mean, i’ve followed jensen since dark angel and smallville.

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