We are knee deep in USA’s “Suits” and we are already officially sucked in. In the overwhelming amount of workplace dramas on our televisions at the moment, “Suits” is proving to be a legal drama with a taste for its own originality and the classic tricks we all love and come back for.

First things first- the theme song. Opening credits are something any show needs. As viewers they become something that marks the show. We hear theme songs and are immediately reminded of the show they are used for, when we watch a show and the opening credits roll and the theme song plays it puts us immediately in the zone for the show. As far as opening credit sequences go, Suits chose a keeper. The song is “Greenback Boogie” by Ima Robot, and it is great.

As far as tricks that break the legal-drama/crime-drama mold, Suits doesn’t use big storyline, fancy woven murder cases, and brutal crimes to draw in viewers’ attention. The cases that the firm takes on have so far been, normal enough to seem real while still being interesting enough for television giving the show a really believable feel.

Last episode, “Dirty Little Secret” involved Mike (Patrick J. Adams) taking on a pro bono case that he wins in a trivia showdown. The case is in housing court and regardless of the drama that it upturns it is a case that any given person can relate to in some way because it is much more day-to-day.

“Suits” also knows what we like. It keeps the originality that we appreciate and adds the good old tricks we all know and love. For starters: bromance. The banter we enjoyed so much in episode one has yet to fall flat, 4 episodes deep. Harvey and Mike’s relationship is classically witty and smart even when it is over something as silly as their clothes or Mike’s bike.

Second drama trick we will never tire of: flirting. Suits has also followed through with the relationship static it promised in Episode one. With Rachel (Meghan Markle) always around to give Mike his push in the right direction, there is definitely, already, obvious chemistry flying between the two. Last episode’s charade as husband and wife was hilarious and definitely the perfect touch.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) helping out Jessica (Gina Torres) with her ex-husband’s case also added terrific character building and back-story. The two, though both snarky and headstrong, definitely have a feel for each other that makes us a tiny bit curious every time they are talking.

Suits stayed steady, pulling in a 1.3 in the ratings keeping it just behind “Swamp People” and network brother, “Burn Notice” in the 18-49 demographic. Being a freshmen show they are definitely in a good place and we are looking forward to the remainder of the season.

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  1. Lob Taylor

    Hey the show is awesome. the best new thing on tv. original doesnt even begin to describe this. Love it!


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