Get ready to punch, kick, sweat, and have a good time, because a new breed of videogame has arrived and it’s here to stay. You get the freedom of designing your own personal workout while giving you access to elite martial art trainers such as Mark DellaGrotte, Greg Jackson, and Javier Mendez all at your convenience? Of course, there are a few kinks and technical difficulties that come both on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 alike, that can slow down your workout. However, I promise that you will be out of breath and sweaty if you give it a chance; this is definitely not a game that you can sit down and relax while playing though.

The UFC Personal Trainer is fun, organized and extremely detailed, as it puts you into actual exercises that have been approved by the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). If you’re ready to get fit and not afraid to move around, then this game is a must to have. Each workout is divided into several different sets with a warm-up and cool-down period, to ensure your muscles are loose and to prevent injury. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or bulk up, they’ll have a workout for your goals and lifestyle, guaranteed! The only down side to this is the fact that some of the exercises and body reaction times come through as kind of sluggish or delayed. This causes your workout to move slower, so make sure you have some patience. Another awesome feature that this game has is the ability to save any designed, personal workouts so they can be easily accessed the next time you want to train like a pro.

There are also modes that appeal to the serious gamer type who want to feel accomplished and conquer objectives. The main activity for this style of play is Hit the Mitts. You will have to carefully follow arrows and successfully engage in kicks, punches, etc. Immediately, you start moving and sweating while also being given feedback and the ability to gain points in the process. People who are die hard and extremely motivated can put themselves through the 30 or 60 day programs that allows you to track yourself, which can be time consuming and feel more like a job than fun; remember, this is a videogame after all. I also found some of the commentary to be a little annoying because the dialogue script does not get changed up enough. Either turn down the volume with your remote or grit your teeth during the workout; your choice.

For those of you out there that have the Kinect, make sure to be in front of your sensor when doing your workout. Most movements are easily picked up, but some movements are a little tricky and may be difficult for Kinect to pick up if you are not right in front of the sensor. An added benefit to the game is you will have the luxury of the Kinect keeping tabs on the amount of reps that you do while also tracking the calories that you burn. I know most of you might not view this as a huge benefit, but it is much easier to keep track of your overall progress.

Blast Factor: UFC Personal Trainer is a very good game that promotes working out and gives you the motivation to better your body and endurance. It is very hands on friendly and gives you the tools to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Yes, there are some cheesy repetitive words of encouragement and technical issues that can hamper game play every now and again, but overall, a good buy for fitness gamers. This could be the beginning of the end for couch potato games, as it encourages a more healthy and active lifestyle. It might at least encourage you to stand up every once in a while; it’s your choice.

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