We’re used to our game heroes seeming immortal, but things aren’t so set in stone at Naughty Dog, makers of the acclaimed Uncharted series, as they say that they’d readily kill off one of the game’s main characters if the story called for it.

“We’re not dogmatic about anything,” Naughty Dog’s Co-President Evan Wells told cvg.com. “If that is what it takes [to advance the storyline] then that’s what it takes. And not just for dramatic shock value – it would definitely have to tie into the narrative that [we’re] trying to tell and expose an aspect of Drake’s character that we would want to delve into.”

Wells also confirmed that the series two female protagonists Chloe and Elena do make appearances in the game (as revealed in the trailer), but play a less prominent role this time around.
“We are trying to keep things fresh and draw certain aspects of Nate’s personality out as well as the characters he’s surrounded with,” he explains. “Chloe and Elena are back but they aren’t the emphasis of the story the way they were in Uncharted 2. This time round the emphasis is on Victor Sullivan and his mentor/protégé relationship with Drake.”

Check out Uncharted 3 when it launches for the PS3 this November.

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  1. adrian mcmanus

    I get the feeling Victor is going to die at the end of the game, i guess it makes sense because its his closest friend it would have the most dramratic impact on drake, that and the fact that hes old would contribute to why they would choose him if annyone to kill off. I still dont like the idea of killing him off, but the decision does make sense.


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