I’m not a big fan of over the top introductions. The whole sit in a circle and act like you couldn’t be more excited to tell everyone your NAME and your MAJOR and your FAVORITE COLOR thing has always been my worse nightmare. So I’m gonna skip the big welcome and just say this…

Nothing makes me happier than sports, sports coverage and Sundays in the fall. I grew up in a family who talked sports, played sports and understood sports. I followed their lead. So welcome- officially and with no silly games- to my blog, Girl in the Huddle (GITH.)

It is here where you will get to read my rants, raves, complaints, applauds and everything in between. The boys in red, blue and silver are the loves of my life. Since ’93 when Bledsoe was drafted and I was in the second grade, I have been the ultimate fan. The Sox come in a close second followed by the Bruins. Growing up in Vermont I played ice hockey for many years and one time I took on shot on Bruins’ goaltender Tim Thomas at a UVM event. The Celtics have a spot in my heart too, I suppose, but it’s only a small green dot on a otherwise blue and red organ.

So here I am. Comments are welcome and are only better for furthering the discussion. I’m never wrong, as my family and friends would be happy to tell everyone, but I love a good debate. Plus, it’s way better to debate on a nice forum like this than at a bar where I can’t clearly articulate my thoughts. Trust me, my thoughts are way better in writing.

Welcome to GITH!

P.S. I love Drew Bledsoe. Always have, always will.

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Casey Ramsdell is The Girl in the Huddle and a Blast Magazine staff writer

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