Today, Activision confirmed and detailed Call of Duty Elite, an subscription based service set to both unite the community and bring premium content.

First, don’t panic — while Elite is built on a monthly payment system, there’s also a free version coming. So what exactly does Call of Duty Elite do? In essence, it allows you to keep all of your Call of Duty information in once place. The service will allow players to track their statistics, clan information and compete for real world prizes. It’s expected that the Elite community will get first crack at upcoming DLC as well.

Elite will launch as a beta later this Summer and be released for all on November 8, which also happens to be when Modern Warfare 3 hits shelves.

Stick with Blast for more info on Call of Duty Elite and Modern Warfare 3, as Blast will go hands on with both titles at next week’s E3 in LA.

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  1. Millionaire’s Consultant

    Quality over quantity. Plain and simple, make a good game before you start asking for extra support from your community. They will still make money off of this, due to the fact that 12 year olds will cry to their mommy’s asking for this, and that, then the rest of the COD community will jump on. Unless, just people actually start looking at what they’re paying for. This should be a free service, not some gimmick to get more damn money.


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