If you’re like me then you have a lot of different makeup brushes.  The majority of my brushes aren’t of the best quality, but I recently invested in some that are quite expensive.  Not every brush is sold with a protective sleeve for the bristles so I got concerned when it came time to store my brushes.  I found a very creative, cheap, and super cute way of storing my brushes.  Places like Sephora use this method and it works like a charm!

What you’ll need:

  • a vase or container of some sort
  • your choice of sand, bean bag fill, or Colorfill
  • ribbon (optional)

It’s quite simple all you need to do is pick out a vase/container that you have either laying around the house or you can purchase one at a craft store (like A.C. Moore or Michaels…don’t forget your coupon!).  You can use plastic or glass it’s totally up to you. 

Something like this will do just fine!

Once you have the vase/container of your choice you will want to pour in your fill (whether its sand, bean bag fill, etc); the amount you use is up to you obviously the more fill you use the better your brushes will stand on their own.  Personally, I used purple and black sand to create a swirl effect.  It looks really cool, but when I make my next brush holder I am going to use the Colorfill.  The down side to the sand is that it sticks to the brushes and can get all over the place pretty easily.  The Colorfill usually comes in an assortment of colors so if color is what you want I say go for the Colorfill (plus the brushes slide in and out of it with better ease than in the sand). 

Colorfill looks like this

If you bought ribbon you can adhere it to your vase/container to give it that personalized touch that you’re looking for.

Once you have finished making your brush holder it is time to put your brushes in!  If you have a lot of brushes you can always make two brush holders one for face brushes and another for eye brushes!

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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