“I would say our style is very classic rock influenced but with a modern twist,” said Jeff Martin, lead singer for the band Lo-Pan. Such a mixture has proved successful for the band thus far as they begin yet another national tour this spring and summer.

Other members of Lo-Pan include Brian Fristoe on guitar, JBartz on drums and Skot Thompson on bass. Their common interest is their love of classic rock music and Martin credits rock bands like Black Sabbath as a major influence.  However, each Lo-Pan member has an interest in different decades of rock music as well, ranging from the 70s to the early 2000s.

 “The differences we have drive the sound that we have now,” said Martin.

During their national tour, Lo-Pan performed in Boston at Rosebud on May 21. Although they have been to Boston many times before, this was their first time at this location.

“The more and more we hang out [in Boston] the more we collect the best of friends,” said Martin.

Lo-Pan recorded their last two albums in Boston with producer and mixer Benny Grotto. Their first album was self-titled and released in 2006 and their second album, “Sasquanaut (Remixed & Remastered)” was re-released in 2011.

Lo-Pan’s third album titled “Salvador” came out May 24. The album name actually came from the equipment dolly that the band uses.

This album is different from their first two releases because the songwriting is better, according to Martin. “We got lost in jamming on some of the earlier stuff,” he said. “We don’t belabor the point with a lot of the stuff that we are coming out with now.”

Martin’s favorite song on the album is “Seed” because of the strong lyrics. But the first single from the album is titled “El Dorado”; inspired by the Edgar Alan Poe poem with the same name.

The Columbus, Ohio based band is ending their tour in Columbus on July 17. Although many of them are originally from other places across the country, there’s no place like home.

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