“As I Lay Dying” was the perfect ending to a perfect season two of The Vampire Diaries. The last four or five episodes have been dramatic and heart wrenching, have ripped characters out from under us, jerked our heads in every direction, and never slowed down. However, “As I Lay Dying” proved, in a fantastic way, that The Vampire Diaries doesn’t need all that craziness and commotion (even though its awesome) to still hold on to its same greatness.

Despite the fact that Klaus being around still is terrible if we are concerned for the well-being of our favorites, it cannot be disappointing if we remember that keeping Klaus around means keeping Joseph Morgan around. His scenes with Paul Wesley packed intensity and were so well delivered that we can’t help thinking that seeing the two become a village ripping duo would be somewhat awesome.

Speaking of Duos, it was great to see Bonnie and Caroline decide they needed to go protect Elena together. The two of them have more power than they seem to get credit for and with Bonnie now somewhat over her vamp-hating they could make a pretty solid girl-power team. (With Jeremy close behind of course)

Jeremy seems to get himself into trouble left and right which can be kind of annoying. He is literally the little brother in the scenario; getting into mischief, trying to prove he can be a big boy, but really he just always ends up hurt. When he was first killed it looked like a plot device to maybe have Caroline save him and prove to Sheriff Forbes that she can help people, which would have been interesting, but it turns out it was more of a plot device on the witch front which was even more awesome.

All season it has seemed that Bonnie’s magic is either entirely useless or can just solve everything without hesitation which leaves it little depth. Bonnie’s rescuing Jeremy despite the fact that it “will have consequences” and then seeing those consequences come up when Jeremy started seeing all his dead vamp girlfriends was exactly what Bonnie’s magic needed to kick it up a notch and raise the stakes in a great way for the finale.

While the stakes were a little low as far as Damon’s wolf bite was concerned (we all knew they wouldn’t kill off Damon) the writers managed to give it a purpose, putting him in Elena in a bed together was what many people have been waiting for for two full seasons now and will surely bring people back for season three. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev never, ever fail to have absolutely breath-taking chemistry on camera. It is something that even Stefan and Elena fans cannot deny. The two of them work gorgeously together, whether they are fighting or kissing, it is always perfect.

And if Damon and Elena kissing, and magic having a real purpose now wasn’t enough to bring us back again for season three, there is Stefan. Just an extra kick if we eren’t already anticipating enough. The idea that Stefan will get all heartless and crazy is exactly what we needed. Even Damon and Elena fans can’t disagree that this will surely add some serious action to Stefan and Elena’s relationship that could prove to work for them for the better because who doesn’t love an angsty girl loves psychotic vampire love story? (Anyone here watch Buffy?)

With everything officially left up in the air, in a thankfully not ridiculous over-dramatic way, we can now only wait until Season three.

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  1. Jayle

    It was perfect! Seeing Damon and Elena together admitting their feelings for each other was simply wonderful. You’re right, their chemistry is simply undeniable. I am also very interested to see what is going to happen with Stefan in the next season and where Damon and Elena’s relationship is going to go…Cannot wait till season 4!

    • layne

      yes i think this is definitely the best thing the writers could have done for both couples. I feel that stefan and elena was starting to get boring and this will surely add some kick to their relationship and so many people have been waiting for damon and elena for so long and this was the perfect way to do it


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