To all your arrogant, racist, insolent bastards who demanded that the president release his birth certificate:

Up yours.

While you were clamoring about the legality of Barack Obama’s presidency; while you were tacitly (and in a bad way) insinuating that he was Muslim; while you were trying to do little more than promote a 1950s conservative agenda by questioning the president’s Americanism (Donald Trump) Barack H. Obama was out plotting the death of Osama bin Laden.

A man that the last Democratic president should have whacked, and a man that the last Republican president was unable to whack.

Obama killed the most wanted man in world history since Adolf Hitler.

What did you accomplish this week?

If nothing else is garnered from this week’s events, we should gain a newfound and reformed respect for the office of the president of the United States of America, a respect for Barack Obama, and for that matter a respect for George W. Bush, who must have sat in that situation room dozens of times, hoping “this is it.”

Being president is hard. It requires sacrifice. It requires that you not keep every campaign promise you make once you learn all the horrible truths in your intelligence briefings every morning.

If you need a picture of how messy the world is, look at photos Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama before they got elected president and then six months after. Notice the grays on the young Obama?

Obama knew exactly what was going on with SEAL Team 6 in the days leading up to the strike. He knew we might be about to get bin Laden, and he still put on his walking slacks and toured an American south wrecked by more tornadoes at one time than at any other time in recorded history. Then he had to laugh and crack jokes at a Correspondents Dinner.

This pointless meandering about the man’s birth certificate — it got so bad that he actually released it — was truly unpatriotic and was a sad reflection on a part of American society that was truly not ready for a man of color to lead it. These are the attitudes that lead to black churches and mosques getting torched and Arab men in America being beaten and killed. This is the very picture of intolerance, alive and well in America.

And while you pointed fingers at the black guy, he got bin Laden.

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John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston's Online Magazine and the Blast Magazine Network. He can be reached at [email protected]. Tweet @johnguilfoil.

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  1. Ben

    Don’t be delusional. All Obama did was sign off on the attack. Anyone with ears and a hand would have done the same thing. Do you think it was Obama himself who found out where OBL was hiding? While I agree that the birthers claims were absurd, this is a laughable article that is equally absurd.

    • Sharon


      Don’t be delusional. The only thing “significant’ you did today was “sign off” your name to this post.

      Compare that to accepting the conscience act of “signing off” your name to someone’s death certificate.

      Face it the hardest decision you probably have to make today is if you wanted to go with the free shipping or if you wanted the #6 or the #9 for lunch.

      And while you’re at it. I’m sure if YOU were the one to ACTUALLY find Bind Laden. You’d probably shit your pants before you pulled the trigger.

  2. Dominic Gonzales

    Sounds a lot like all the Bush lovers who defended his “Weapons of Mass Destruction” claim. The Real joke is all you you who want so much for this President to be the “Hope” that he promised, closing your eyes to his continuance of the Military Industrial Complex and pushing the USA like Bush Senior toward this “New World Order”. It is funny to me to see people who sit back and claim Republican or Democrat like some drug-addict gang banger – when the real Global elites who are running most of the politicians in both camps are laughing at you. Your are their joke. So keep up the whole democrat/republican religion. Us real PATRIOTS will take back our country!


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