By just listening to Fever the Ghost’s EP, it’s easy to hear the sounds that define the group. This psych-pop band has been working hard on their first LP, Zirconium Meconium, set to release at the end of September. Now, they’ve released a single, “1518,” that sets the stage for their upcoming album.

“1518” is a lot like what we’ve heard from FTG before. With this track, the group continues to mesh experimental electronic elements with glam pop and rock influences in a way that’s both unique and incredibly catchy. The track sails through each verse and hook before locking you in with an addictive chorus that begs to be replayed. By about half way through, you’ll want to jump up and dance along to its sparkling, melodic sounds.

If this track is any indication, the final LP should be a pretty cohesive exploration of what makes up FTG’s psychedelic sound. You can listen to “1518” here on Soundcloud, and watch for the album coming out on September 25.

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