Still not in the awesome Gears of War 3 Multiplayer beta? Want to be one of the cool kids? Blast has you covered. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to give you a total of 10 codes for the beta that’s happening right now.

So how do you win? Simple, just comment on this post and tell us what your favorite weapon in Gears is and we’ll pick ten names at random. You can comment as many times as you want, but only one entry will count.

Good luck!

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77 Responses

  1. Will

    Tough one, would have to go for Boltok Pistol though had loads of fun trying to get headshots with it. Dying to test out the weapons in Gears of War 3!

  2. dendaye

    i like the One-Shot weapon. i like to snipe, and the one-shot weapon has high chance of one shot kill. the one shot gun reminds me that i only got one-shot to hopefully win this giveaway of codes!

  3. Ian

    Hammer of dawn. Love watching the beam come down and sending a shower of body parts everywhere.

  4. David

    The gnasher . I like getting up close and personal just to have him explode into a pieces so i can kick him around like a soccer ball!!!!!!!

  5. marc williams

    Has to be the torque bow… head shot and a tag. Boooya ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. UnionJackHunter

    Has to be the shotgun…. for bloody one shot kills there’s nothing that beats it.

  7. Richard

    The Hammer of Dawn has to be my favourite. There’s no greater feeling of satisfaction than when taking out powerful enemies like Reavers with an orbital laser, while your co-op pal distracts them for you. Gears 2 campaign co-op was the best.

  8. Liam

    The BoomShot Got To Be Up There Nothing More Satisfying Than A Triple Blood Fountain

  9. Liam

    Longshot sniping when they are engaged in an epic firefight with my teammates.

    Can’t wait to try out the One Shot.

  10. Jack

    The Hammer of Dawn. There’s little more satisfying than frying an unsuspecting opponent from above.

  11. Kevin

    The Retro Lancer, because nothing is more satisfying then brutally stabbing someone in the stomach (or back!) with your epic bayonet!

  12. Mark Fournier

    Favorite gun in gears is gonna have to be the torque bow. It is soo much fun to use.

  13. Jochem

    This has to be the Retro lancer!! You can charge with it and make sish-kebab from your enemies!

    Put on the BBQ now!!

    p.s. Thanks for giving people a chance to be part of this beta!!

  14. Lee McDermott

    I have to admit the Long-shot sniper rifle is my favorite weapon in Gears of War 3 because it is very easy to Headshot my opponents who are flanking my team from all directions. It is very useful in King of the Hill and capture the leader because I can guard my objective and leader.

  15. Mcdigger Launchester

    The enemy’s arm counts? If not I’ll say The Digger Launcher!!!!

  16. Miles Sinfield

    The gnasher shotgun, especially when you get erm once so they explode and turn into a sack of meat

  17. Frank

    My favorite is the Hammer of Dawn. The name sounds so cool, and what it does is even better. It doesn’t get better than a huge laser coming down from the sky and just destroying everyone ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Bobby

    My favorite would have to be the shotgun. With out it its pretty much not gears. (:

  19. Jimmy

    I love the hammer of dawn because its a weapon that you don’t see in most games. I shots a beam from the sky which is really creative for Epic, which is what makes Gears so a good series of games. Along with the excellent graphics it provides when the hammer is shot.

  20. Zachary

    My favorite weapon in Gears is the Torque Bow. I’ve never gotten any good with it but that 1/100 time it sticks to someone is so satisfying!

  21. Liam

    My favorite weapon in GOW is the Gnasher bc it is just awesome when i point blank shoot someone and they just get destroyed.

  22. brannon

    mine favorite gun and person the retro launcher the digger and clay carmine and the berserker
    my favorite locust is the butcher the wretch and a berseker and the grinder

  23. Jose Vasquez

    The good old Gnasher Shotgun never let me down on close combat and medium range and sometimes long range ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. David

    Lancer, two help a wingman armed with a Gnasher, and to saw a man in two.

  25. Johnruss Beal

    the lancer for sure,nothing better than shooting people and using the chainsaw right afterwards

  26. tyler

    my favorite weapon to start out with in shotgun and favorite power wepon in torqe bow

  27. Jacob

    and the gorgon pistol the gorgon pistol and hammer of dawn and of course the lancer

  28. tony

    RETRO LANCER ALL THE WAY…. common guys RETRO LANCER OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!! how can you beat that HUGE LANCER.. hahaha good luck guys

  29. Kyle W

    I always loved using the Magnum.

    Scoring a headshot with that is probably one of the most satisfying things in Gears.

  30. bcool

    I like heavy machine guns for extra blod and gore and lots of easy killing

  31. Sean

    I don’t use any weapons use my bare hands and locust mutilated corpses to kill other locusts!…………………………….and occasionally the splendid Lancer.


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