Top 10 Thanksgiving Episodes

Back for more? Here are the meat of potatoes of Thanksgiving episodes. Please make room for these holiday treats in your mind and schedule. And please don’t forget to have a great Thanksgiving this Thursday.

5. Mad About You: Giblets for Murray

Remember that first Thanksgiving you had your parents over to your house? Yeah, it hasn’t happened for me either. But this episode captures the feeling of creating your own holiday traditions as an adult. Of course, Paul and Jaime quickly leave their adult Thanksgiving behind as they make multiple trips to the store to try to fulfill everyone else’s holiday quirks. The real mayhem begins when the dog helps himself to the turkey.

+8 for Jamie throwing the 2nd replacement turkey out the window
-1 for too much character smoking, that’ll kill you, you know
7 Wishbones

4. Cheers: Thanksgiving Orphans

Food fight! You get flying food, Birdzilla and more during this holiday spread. The Cheers gang, apparently without any family to spend TG with, decide to meet at Carla’s to celebrate. Diane is hilariously uptight as usual. My favorite gem from her teaches the true meaning of TG: “I don’t think watching television was the Pilgrims’ original intent when they created the holiday.” Well-said, Diane. I think that they meant for us to eat a lot of food and play family games.

+ 8 for Diane’s Pilgrim costume
8 wishbones

3. Gilmore Girls: Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

Gilmore Girls offers a delectable blend of four dinners and two fast-talking girls to bake up one great episode. I admit this one would be better watched with Gilmore Girls knowledge under your belt, but it still brings general Thanksgiving charm to the table. I especially love when Sookie’s prized turkey gets deep fried (along with everything else on the table). Good fun. That reminds me – I’ve never had fried turkey for the big day. Anyone know if it’s tasty?

+ 9 wishbones for the girls lamenting that they skipped the rolls after attending 3 TG dinners and 1 abridged one
– 1 wishbone for overdramatic drama over Rory’s application to Yale.
Total: 8 Wishbones

2. Friends: The One with the Rumor

There is much debate over which Friends TG episode is the best. I picked this one because Brad Pitt guest starred in it, and he is awesome. Thanks Brad for Fight Club, Seven and many other thrilling movie experiences. Even if you prefer “The One Where Ross Got High” or “The One With All the Thanksgivings” better, this one still piles on the laughs. The revelation of the “I Hate Rachel Green” club and all the rumors that come pouring out after that provide a well concocted holiday treat.

+9 Wishbones for Brad’s mouthed threats to Rachel across the Thanksgiving table
9 Wishbones

1. WKRP in Cincinnati: Turkeys Away

Poor Mr. Carlson, he’s the old guy on the block who bugs all the cool young people. Feeling left out of the newly Rock oriented WKRP, he plans a fantastic Thanksgiving promotion to put the station on the map. He does manage to leave a mark, but not the kind he expected. Let’s just say that live turkeys don’t fare well when dropped out of helicopters. Famous last line from Carlson: “As God as my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly.” Thanks for learning that lesson the hard way, so we didn’t have to.

+10 for Les’s live report of the Turkey drop. “Oh the humanity!”
– 1 for slow buildup to the hilarity
9 Wishbones

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