Welcome to Blast’s (mostly) live coverage of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. We, like you, are watching the awards from our living room and reporting on the “Oh no!”s and “Wow!”s of the evening to keep you updated.

Tonight has already been set up as a girl’s world with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga competing for all the top honors. Beyonc© has already claimed four of her 10 nominations, Swift has grabbed two out of her eight with a remaining five hopeful categories, including Best Country Song “White Horse”. Lady Gaga has also tied Swift for two trophies in the pre-telecast awards.

The ladies winning are not a sure thing though. Kings of Leon, who have already picked up a Best Rock Song trophy, could pull an upset in the Record of the Year category, and don’t forget party-jammers Black Eyed Peas who are also nominated for the biggest award of the evening.

Tonight feels like it might be the night for Beyonc© as far as awards go, but with the relevancy of the Grammy Awards up for debate, Blast is interested in a few other things besides trophies. Will Elton John manage to look more flamboyant in his intro with Lady Gaga? How many people will get poked in the eye by her outfit? How much money did the Michael Jackson estate rack up on those 3-D glasses from Target? Will Taylor Swift be able to finish an acceptance speech since Kanye’s invitation to this year’s awards was lost in the mail? You tell us, and check out these Wireimage photos from the red carpet.

Come back at Grammy half-time to get a re-cap of the winners and the best performances so far.

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  1. Jess

    Yay! So happy Kings of Leon won for best rock song. They’re my new favorite band, and that song is so great. They really deserved it.

  2. Mickey Carroll

    Watching the Grammys last night brought back memories , my album from years ago is back out and doing great . Eric Schilling of the Grammy Trust Association endorsed it and helped to re-release it . Nominated for a Grammy in 1978 and still sounds wonderful .

    Preview and download songs from Love Life by Mickey Carroll on iTunes.


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