*The TV Renewal/Cancellation Scorecard has been updated to reflect these ratings — and two shows have moved to the bubble!

Network television is still in a repeat period, doing little to help the recently launched shows that were forced to air amidst reruns Wednesday night. “Mr. Sunshine” aired after a repeat of “Modern Family” and against a new “Ameircan Idol,” and drew a 1.8 in the demo. It’s like ABC wants to kill the show.

“Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” was no better; it drew a 2.2 demo after a “Criminal Minds” repeat.

“American Idol” and fox had no troubles; it drew 24 million viewers and a 8.0 in the demo for the night. To put that in perspective, NBC drew a 1.1 last night. Wonder why Fox is far and away the network winner?

“Off the Map” also aired a new episode last night. No one noticed.

8 pm

American Idol: 7.6 demo, 23 million viewers

Survivor: Redemption Island: 3.2 demo, 11 million viewers

*The Middle: 1.4 demo, 5.4 million viewers

America’s Next Top Model: 1.1 demo, 2.3 million viewers

Minute to Win It: 1.0 demo, 3.5 million viewers


*The Middle: 1.4 demo, 4.8 million viewers

9 pm

American Idol: 8.4 demo, 25.4 million viewers

*Modern Family: 2.3 demo, 6.1 million viewers

*Criminal Minds: 1.8 demo, 8.2 million viewers

*Law and Order: SVU: .9 demo, 3.2 million viewers

Shedding for the Wedding: .5 demo, 1 million viewers

9:30 pm

Mr Sunshine: 1.8 demo, 4.8 million viewers

10 pm

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: 2.2 demo, 9 million viewers

*Law and Order: SVU: 1.4 demo, 5.3 million viewers

Off the Map: 1.4 demo, 4.3 million viewers

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