“Rango” won the weekend box office with a $38 million haul in its opening weekend, while “The Adjustment Bureau” was off to a modest start with $21 million.

It was “Beastly,” the low-budget adaptation starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens, that claimed a small victory over the weekend. It far exceeded expectations with $10.1 million from less than 2000 theaters.

“Rango” stars Johnny Depp and was very well received by critics, boasting an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Still with budget and marketing exceeding $150 million, a sub-$40 million opening has to be a soft landing. Still, children’s films tend to hold up well, so it remains to be seen where it goes.

The same can be said of “The Adjustment Bureau.” The official budget isn’t available, but given Damon’s star presence, it likely wasn’t cheap. A $20 million opening was on the low end of expectations.

“Hall Pass” didn’t crash, with $9 million, down just 33%. Still the film has taken in $27 million; despite a modest $35 million budget, the film poured a lot into marketing, so it has to be considered a bust if it doesn’t hold up very well going forward.

After winning Best Picture, “The King’s Speech” took in $6.5 million, for a total of $123 million, a nice sized haul.

The Top 10

1. Rango: $38 million, NEW

2. The Adjustment Burea: $21 million, NEW

3. Beastly: $10.1 million, NEW

4. Hall Pass: $9 million, $27 million total

5. Gnomeo and Juliet: $6.9 million, $83.6 million total

6. Unknown: $6.6 million, $53.1 million total

7. The King’s Speech: $6.5 million, $123.8 million total

8. Just Go With It: $6.5 million, $88.2 million total

9. I Am Number Four: $5.7 million, $46.4 million total

10. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never:$68.8 million total

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