Microsoft’s Kinect hits shelves within an hour, and people are lined up in NYC waiting for the new peripheral to come out. While there are plenty of games coming out for Kinect’s launch, here’s a list of genres and games we’d love to see on the system.

Air Guitar

Rock Band? Pshhht. Guitar Hero? Passe. Kinect offers gamers the freedom to rock — but with no strings, literally. Before you scoff, picture it, Satsifaction by the Stones blares out of your speakers and you’re jumping around doing your best Keith Richards, getting scored not for the notes you’re playing, but your stage presence. Jump around, power kick, pull a Jimmi Hendrix or even a little Chuck Berry duck walk, it’s all for the show. Come on, there’s a ton of people who complete in actual competitions for this, a Kinect game could make a killing.

Flight Sim

From Sonic Riders to Joy Ride, there are plenty of racing games coming to Kinect. But why stick to the roads? How awesome would a flight sim be on Kinect? Even more than that — how awesome would an arcade style flying game be for Kinect? Barrel Rolls, Loops, everything would take on a new definition when partnered with Kinect’s motion sensing technologies.


Okay, I know — Tetris isn’t a genre, but it may as well be; it’s everyone’s favorite puzzle game whether they know it or not. It’s also inevitable that the game will eventually make a n appearance on Microsoft’s motion camera since its been on every platform — ever. On Kinect, Tetris would be taken to awesome levels, you’ll have to turn the pieces by hand, grabbing them at realistic ends and skip them by doing a throwing motion. The game gets harder as the pieces get heavier, and moving faster. Come on, you know you’re intrigued.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking — trivia games aren’t exactly dripping with gamer cred, but they could be a lot cooler with Kinect. You’ve got a room full of people playing Scene it: Something or another, an all-play question comes out and you have to literally have to push down on a buzzer first to answer. You could also throw in acting challenges and all sorts of fun stuff. At the very least, it’ll be something to drag out when company comes over.

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