Going to work has never been so fun

DALLAS — The Top 100 Places to Work 2010 from the Dallas Morning News will be coming out in the next few weeks. Out of the 100, The Richards Group, McCarthy Construction and Systemware, Inc. were kind enough to open their office doors to the Blast to talk about how their companies made it on the list.

“Stan gathers the entire agency around the central stairwell,” says Mary Price, the principal of Marketing for The Richards Group. The Group encourages community by having no walls and all equal cubicles.

McCarthy Construction is the oldest general contractor west of the Mississippi. The company is employee-owned, which gives employees the chance to let their ideas shine.

“They give us a lot of room to run the project on our own,” Jeff Wagner, Senior Project Manager, said. This company size grows at a fast rate due to how well the company grows as a whole. More employees join each year. “It is a really great family atmosphere,” said Matt McMullan, Assistant Superintendent of McCarthy.

Systemware, Inc. takes community, work and fun to the whole new levels. They have their own family room, complete with a fireplace. You can find employees playing pool, watching television in oversized chairs and playing shuffle board.

“You don’t ever really feel like your in a work environment,” said Jeana Long, a Contract Document Manager for the company. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place that allows for this type of creativity and relaxation?

There are still 97 more top places to work, and if you think these few places sound like an awesome deal, wait until the revealing of the next top companies.

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