Paranormal Activity 2 is off to a huge start at the box office, right out of the gate. Unlike it’s predecessor, which started out slowly and built word of mouth, the sequel is on pace for a $40 million opening weekend. That’s pretty solid for a film that cost just $3 million to produce. Is a new horror franchise born?

Jackass 3D held up fairly well from it’s record breaking debut last weekend. The comedy is on pace for a $23 million second weekend.

Red is holding up very well. The action comedy with an ensemble cast is set to drop under 30% this weekend, to $15 million.

Hereafter is off to a soft start; the spiritual drama starring Matt Damon, directed by Clint Eastwood, is looking at a fourth place, $12 million debut. That’s better than Invictus did last year, but not a great sign for a box office bonanza.

The Top 10:

1. Paranormal Activity 2: $40 million, NEW

2. Jackass 3D: $23 million, $88.5 million

3. Red: $15 million, $43 million

4. Hereafter: $12 million, NEW

5. The Social Network: $7 million, $73 million

6. Secretariat: $6.5 million, $37 million

7. Life As We Know It: $6 million, $37 million

8. Legend of the Guardians: Owls of the Ga’Hoole: $3 million, $50 million

9. The Town: $2.5 million, $84.5 million

10.Easy A: $2 million, $54.8 million

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