The idea of either of my children driving makes my head spin but the Lemur Monitors SafeDriver would rock when that day comes. SafeDriver installed easily in my vehicles data port which then wirelessly relayed the info to the display on the pocket-sized key fob.  I can say now my readings were pretty lame due to the fact I’m in my mom driving mode a majority of the time not allowing SafeDriver to pick up much in the week long test but I could see where it could cause a few gray hairs or even possible car privileges being revoked by displaying maximum speed, distance traveled, and any sudden braking. The only concern I have is that it is easily unplugged and key fob reset by just entering a pin so you run the risk of errors erased to delete the miles reflecting a midnight cruise across town, 37 brake checks in a 10 mile radius or a lead foot like I had back then. In order for SafeDriver to be effective, I wouldn’t even say it was in the vehicle and hide the remote portion somewhere unless of course you have a very responsible teenager without the slightest bit of devious behavior in the back of their mind. What they don’t know can’t hurt them but you could end up saving their life by noticing undesirable driving habits or at least a brake job which isn’t cheap these days.  I also thought about if I actually owned a car that I cared about, I wouldn’t think twice about installing it if a friend were to borrow the vehicle.  

For peace of mind and a great way to encourage better driving, Lemur’s SafeDriver can be purchased at Brookstone and The Sharper Image for $69.95.

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