Fire, air, water, earth … Captain Planet? Nope, these four basic elements are what guide your relationships, according to Dr. Craig Martin, spiritual counselor, relationship expert, and author of the book “Elemental Love Styles.”

"Grouping personalities into four types of allows those who study human behavior to better understand how people operate in the world and in relationships with one another,” says Martin.

To help you discover your "love styles," the upcoming book includes a quiz that will tell you which element — or elements — your personality most closely resembles. Once you know your element, Martin shares insights into your personality that are meant to help you succeed in your relationships.

So, is all this bullshit, scientific fact or something in-between? I took the quiz to figure it out.

There are 44 easy-to-answer questions that are a little too reminiscent of a Facebook quiz. Examples:

My motto would be:

1. No guts, no glory
2. It’s all good
3. Music calms the savage beast
4. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

If I were a game, I would be:

1. Charades
2. Trivial Pursuit
3. Clue
4. Monopoly

Yes, they’re a little annoying (personally, I like to think of myself as a Twister), but if you get through them, you might be surprised at what you learn.

My score indicated that I am an Air Style, which is categorized as "intellectual." (fire style is creative, water style is emotional and earth style is practical). As far as I can tell, the analysis is pretty much dead-on, except for a few minor bits and pieces.

True to my personality, the book says that I am a thinker and communicator, that "laughter is the soundtrack to (my) life" and that I could have a career as a journalist (let’s hope so). It also claims I’m a sucker for dirty talk, but I’ll decline to confirm or deny that one thank-you-very-much.

All in all, an interesting analysis, though its assertion that I share many similarities with Luke Skywalker left me more than a little confused.

If you’re just dying to figure out which element matches you the best (and I know you are), you’ll have to buy the book and take the quiz yourself. You might just be lucky enough to find that you’re a Fire and that you share many similarities with The Fonz. Yup, the guy from “Happy Days.”

Aside from your personal elemental love style, the books uses touchy-feely words and the usual Dr. Phil type analogies in chapters such as "Intimacy and the Road Trip of Love" to set your relationship on the right track.

Kinda lame, kinda fun, like most relationship books out there. Hey, it’ll make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your single friends — it hits shelves February 2.

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