SEATTLE — If you haven’t tried EchoChrome, you should. The new game takes a new direction using the Move Controller. Where the first one you changed your viewing perspective to modify the characters world, this one uses the Move to send a light around the screen. The Move Controller acts like a flashlight, and the blocks on the screen all cast shadows. This time the characters are shadows, and don’t actually walk on the blocks, but on the blocks’ shadows. This fits very well into the theme of the first game, since again perception is reality.

The Move Controller responds very well in the game. It actually feels like you’re holding a flashlight.

The levels are accomplished by getting the character to a doorway that is somewhere in the level, though as one of the levels they had for me to play with in their demo showed, even the Final Exit isn’t always what it looks like. One of the levels that I was able to play, you had to create the final doorway by moving the light such that a rectangular block is right below a circular block, forming a shadow in the shape of a doorway, then the character to walk through it.

The bounce ramps are created by having a half of a circle above a path, which means moving the light to place a circle block half way behind or half way in front of the path blocks. The holes this time make less sense, but are easier to see. They are circle in the side of the blocks; this has problems logically since your character is walking on top, not on the sides so shouldn’t really fall through, though this is easier to see.

One new addition is the levels for creating artistic shadows. They showed off a new level where the goal was to create a shadow in the shape of a smiley face by positioning the light in just the right place.

For anyone that loved the original, they should love this one. It kept the charm of the original, while making good use of the Move Controller.

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