SEATTLE — Who didn’t ever wish to be Godzilla at one time or another and destroy a whole city? This game is all about that.

In Eat Them, you start by creating a monster. They give options for its upper body, lower body, arms, legs and head. So your monster could have three legs, or just one big one. Your monster can have a claw, or a circular saw for a right arm. You can be Godzilla or Robot Godzilla.

The game starts with you in a city with your monster. The goal of the game is to wreak as much havoc as monstrously possible. The level is played with the PS2 controller, with a different button for each type of attack, one for his head, one for each of his arms and one for his legs.

I was also told you can actually pick up the people in the city and eat them, but I was unable to get the game to do that.

It was incredibly satisfying smashing the buildings and stomping on people and vehicles. As the game progresses they send more and more police and military after you to stop you. This starts with a couple of cop cars, than goes up to helicopters and tanks. The more they throw at you the harder the game gets, but your score is based on dollars of damage and casualties, so you want to destroy everything. The game has a red outline of where in the city you can go and that line moves when you destroy enough of the city.

The details in the game are well done, with people streaming out of buildings before they collapse, and the different building styles, and even train tracks in the demo that I got to play. The game features comic book graphics and style — simple but effective.

I thought the game was a lot of fun, if you are feeling frustrated, or angry you can take your anger out on virtual buildings and level a city that you shouldn’t attempt in real life.

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