TORONTO — The southeastern Ontario town of Napanee is in mourning this week after two crashes involving the same local firefighters, including a bus that rolled over and killed a 49-year-old mother of three, devastated the small city.

Five local firefighters crashed near London, Ontario Saturday while on their way back to their hometown of Napanee from a firefighter fitness competition.

Some of the injured firefighters were taken to a local hospital, and then boarded a charter bus, along with family, to drive nearly 250 miles back to Napanee.

That bus then crashed on Sunday near Woodstock — just 30 miles from London — after it hit a highway guardrail, flipped over and rolled into a ditch. Darlene Goodfellow, the 49-year-old wife of one of the firefighters who was injured in the Saturday crash, was killed in the accident.

Twelve people were injured on Sunday, including four of the firefighters injured in the Saturday crash. Two of the men, including Goodfellow’s now-widowed husband, had surgery yesterday.

An outpouring of grief continues on social media sites like Twitter, where many continue to express their condolences, especially for Goodfellow and her family.

Ontario Provincial Police continue to investigate the crashes, though a cause has not yet been named.

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